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Comment from: Lisatanner48, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 26

I had numbness and weakness in my left arm and I had the worst pain I ever felt in my arm. Also my head felt swimmy, I developed double vision, and I was very confused. My stroke was caused by a tear in my carotid artery that formed a clot that is inoperable. I'm being treated with blood thinners and fortunately the only side effect I can tell is it has affected my vision a little.

Comment from: msprocessculture, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: November 21

March, 2018 I got out of my car walking towards my sister's house. I was about 3 feet away from her back stairs and a violent headache occurred. I told her to call 911. I don't remember anything after the stroke until 2 weeks later when I was discharged from a university teaching hospital. Friends and family spoke with me while I was in the hospital and say I was totally functional, talking making plans, etc. I still have no memory of anything that happened from the start of the headache until I was released.

Comment from: Diana, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 23

I first noticed a problem when I went to sleep or thought I had and woke up with things missing from my memory. For example, the doctor appointments and information about my family. Then the loss of focus, causing me to walk into walls followed by a physical therapist telling me that the muscles on my right side, especially the shoulder, were beginning to atrophy. Since then I’ve developed increasing problems with my right side.

Comment from: Pattie G, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 13

I was tie-dyeing t-shirts for an upcoming festival when my left arm went numb, my first stroke symptom. Since I live 25 miles out in the country with no EMS (Emergency Medical Services), I called a friend to come drive me to the emergency room (ER). My left leg started to get floppy on the way to the hospital. The ER started me on something in an IV, then transported me to a big hospital. I was there for 6 days and had surgery to unblock my carotid artery. After 5 months, my left arm still gets weak if I tire myself.

Comment from: CF, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 31

I had just gone to the bathroom and started walking down a hall at work and felt a bit dizzy. I just stopped, felt a bit better and then had pins and needles in right arm and hand. Nothing else until I started to type. I couldn't hit the keys well but could still talk and raise my arms so thought it was just a nerve. I drove home; stupid. By the time I realized the pins and needles weren't going away and got to emergency, my leg, foot and face were involved. So lucky to be here. Even if you have one symptom of stroke don't chance it! Call ambulance!

Comment from: Lucy B, 0-2 Female (Caregiver) Published: September 15

I am 44 years old. I was a lawyer but have been a stay at home mum for nearly nine years now, which is slightly scary. I have loved it and I would count it as a job because I have worked harder at home than I ever did anywhere else. I have recently become disabled from a stroke. It’s actually five years ago now so it isn’t that recent, but it still only feels like yesterday that I felt I had a burst AVM (arteriovenous malformation).

Comment from: Jenmlj, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I was 25 weeks pregnant with my son. I woke up with numbness and weakness on my left side. I had a droopy mouth and eye. I went to the emergency room. They needed to make sure I could have an MRI because of the pregnancy, so they sent me home in the meantime. After me calling for two days, they said to come in for an MRI. I had the MRI, and they found the clot. I spent the next eight weeks in the hospital. I went home on Heparin until my son was born and then switched to warfarin. I was taken off the thinners since it was thought I had the stroke from getting CMV while pregnant. Eight months later, I was at work when I started dropping everything. My numbness had also been extreme that day, so I went to the emergency room where I was given a baby asprin and sent to the city with a driver. Upon arrival, I had an MRI and discovered a second clot. Through testing, they figured out I'm protein C deficient. I’m on warfarin for life now. Here's the kicker: I was 26 and 28 respectively when I had my strokes. My memory and speech are warped. I'm so tired of the tingles.

Comment from: Stanels, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I had a lacunar stroke in the pons area of the brain stem. It affected my balance plus many other things. When I had the stroke on Feb. 8, 2007, it felt like a couple of small firecrackers had gone off in my head. I noticed that my balance was affected immediately. I could still walk and function, but it was like I was drunk. I drove myself to the ER (not recommended) where they did a CT scan. Nothing showed up. After a while, they sent me home. Five days later, I went to my regular physician who ordered an MRI. The stroke showed up on the MRI. Thankfully, it was small. I still suffer from symptoms even though I have had four months of physical therapy (PT). I have some numbness in my left arm and a little drooping on the left side of my mouth. Occasionally, I have what my husband and I call “spells.” I have a tingling around my scalp. The doctor said it was caused by high blood pressure even though I was on medication. I was put on Plavix and Zocor. Since the stroke, I've had another TIA where my blood pressure spiked to 223/122. I had to go to the ER for an IV to bring it down. I had some of the same symptoms as with the stroke, but they did go away. My dad had several strokes, one of which was severe. I must have inherited some of his tendency for strokes.


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Comment from: Wolf, 0-2 Male (Caregiver) Published: January 24

He suffered a transient ischemic attack. At the hospital he was stabilized by blood thinner injected into gastric region. Suffered a 2nd stroke in the hospital in the other arm and suffered hemorrhage in his medulla oblongata. Problem with taking blood thinners is constant bleeding on skin. His PTT (partial thromboplastin time) measures 27.5. The norm is 30 to 40. I don’t know how I can increase the PTT, so as to prevent another TIA. He has suffered more than 6 infarcts within 2 years. He cannot take warfarin for fear of another hemorrhage. He suffers hypotension. The INR is fairly normal.

Comment from: peter, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 23

I have been in the building trade for 35 years, drank alcohol fairly regularly and smoked 20 cigarettes a day. I had to get up early one morning and nothing seemed wrong until half way to work. Then I got physically sick and just about got home. I could not raise my head up, had to lay down for about two weeks. I was diagnosed with vertigo (blurred vision and I was falling over from lack of balance and nausea all the time). After two weeks I was able to walk around a little bit and at about 9 o’clock at night I made myself comfortable in bed and went to sleep. The wife woke me at about 8 o’clock the next morning and I spoke to her in a drunken voice then I think that there was something wrong and she got me to hospital. I had had a small stroke in my sleep and it could have happened any time of the night. That was 4 years ago and I still have difficulty doing things on my own, walking and hitting a nail with a hammer is the most difficult of things to do as well as writing and the doctors told me it was a small stroke.

Comment from: JA, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I experienced my first stroke in February 1997 while at work, it presented by the left side of my face going numb and I was dropping things. I drove home (not good) and went to the hospital. I was very surprised that it was a stroke! I started with Coumadin since a blood clot was the only reason I was given since I don't have any risk factors. Never smoked, I was just 41, no birth control, low blood pressure. 6 months later I had another, (also at work) this symptom was just my tongue going numb for a couple minutes, then I had another on December 31st (at work)this time I was counting inventory and it was complete confusion!! One of my employees called for help! I was sure when I got to the hospital they would think I had been celebrating the New Year! Then I have been trouble free for two years, until March this year when I had two back to back. My pt/inr has not been stable so now I lab test (at least weekly was daily) and adjust my dosage to stay between 2-2.5! So 5 strokes and not yet 45! Residual effects yes, mostly cognition and decision making but thankful to still be here!

Comment from: Rayca, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: August 08

So, why am I seeing so many high blood pressure (HBP) medicated patients that still have strokes! My dad was the same. He was on medicines and still had a stroke. I'm asking because I'm reluctant to take them and would like to know what the empirical evidence is to take them. Also, I wonder why different countries have different standards for what is HBP. We are all the same humans so I can’t understand why the standard isn't universal.

Comment from: Jim, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: May 08

I just got up from bed and my nose bled slightly. I wonder if I should be concerned about stroke.

Comment from: Daniel Carlos, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: November 14

I have been gaining hand mobility since I started MusicGlove therapy. I am now able to type gain and to do so many other things I was not able to after my stroke.

Comment from: glen, 65-74 Female (Caregiver) Published: August 17

My wife had a seizure as a result of a stroke.

Comment from: Lobster, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 07

What occurred to me was the room started to spin then I had double vision with feeling nauseous. My right arm and leg went up and down on their own, involuntarily . Then I vomited. Speech was slurred.

Comment from: dorothy, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: August 16

While in the doctor’s office, the nurse was taking my blood pressure and said, “She is having a stroke.” I was immediately sent for a scan. There were no defects, and today I’m fine.

Comment from: irmy, 65-74 Female Published: June 29

I was just getting out of the tub and felt my arm getting numb, then my leg, so I phoned my daughter and she said call the ambulance, which I did. Then I went to get my neighbor and by that time my speech was all slurred. After a few minutes it came back, then after a few minutes it went slurred again. They took me to the ER at about 10:30 a.m. and I finally got to see a doctor at 7.30p.m. My speech was slurred all day. This hospital cleared me and said I am okay. I am ashamed to mention this hospital to anyone because they do not care for their patients.


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Comment from: Patient, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 02

I had completed a 6 mile walk with my wife. I was sitting outside when suddenly I felt faint and my right arm and leg went numb. I was able to move them but I felt as though I didn't have complete control of them. I got my wife to call an ambulance. On arrival at ER they did a ct scan which was clear. I am still in hospital seven days later. A Doppler scan of my carotids showed a 70-80 % blockage of my left carotid. I am now waiting on an MRI to establish if this was the cause of the stroke. I recovered full use of my right side 36 hours after the episode.

Comment from: AmberStevens, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 24

I went to bed that night and woke up the next morning feeling drained. I was "scatter brained" and kept getting confused. My fiancé asked me if I were ok and I told him I just felt like I didn't get enough sleep. No slurring or drooping that I noticed. I had what I thought was a migraine come on at work that day but I only had a 4hr shift so I just waited it out. When my fiancé came home from work I was on the couch with all the shades down and all the lights off. Still I was me other than the migraine. A few days went by and I noticed that I would be talking and all of a sudden the word I was trying to say would not come out of my mouth. I could see it in my mind, hear it in my mind, but it would absolutely not come out of my mouth. My fiancé, friends, and neighbors noticed it as well. After a few visits to the ER and being treated for migraines, I finally went to a doctor. He told him what was going on, he took blood and vitals, and came back 10mins later to tell me I had probably had a mild stroke due to high BP and diabetes (pre-existing). Of course I was freaked out, how does a 30 year-old woman have a stroke? Come to find out, the ER had put in my files that I had high BP for a previous sprain I had, but seen it as being caused by my sprained ankle pain, then the migraines, as the same. This doctor done nothing, not even an x-ray, just drew blood. Well a month or so passed and dizziness and strange feelings of dang near passing out kept happening and I was on medication. My mom suggested I see her doctor so I did, they done all the proper tests and it proved the other doctor made a lucky guess. Now I am being properly treated and my speech is doing a little better, sometimes I say things backwards or opposite even though it came out sounding right to me, I do immediately notice it and correct myself though. Like I'll say, Open the door, when I really meant to say to close it.

Comment from: Craig, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: January 03

My stroke (vertebral artery dissection) occurred during my sleep. I woke up at 2 A.M. to get my 2yr. old a bottle and was fine. I awoke again at 5 A.M. and laid there for a couple of hours. My ears were ringing and I could tell that something was wrong. I barely made it down the hallway my balance was so bad! I had to have my 10 year old son dial my wife's work. Luckily, I had someone to watch the kids and off to the hospital I went. I spent about a month in the hospital, had home care for about 2 months and have spent the last 7 months getting better. Every day gets better and so far I've no recurrence of stroke. I've had to change my diet and exercise regularly. I've lost about 35lbs!

Comment from: wellness advisor, 75 or over Female (Caregiver) Published: April 14

I just witnessed someone having a stroke right in front of me. You mostly think that a stroke is something that happens quickly, but it was a slow transition and a build-up. I also realized that nosebleeds can be a sign of trouble. The patient said she never in her life had nosebleeds and has been having the constantly now. The ER sent her home after she experience a really bad nose bleed and now, within 12 hours of her return home, she just had a major stroke.

Comment from: MargiB, 75 or over Female Published: September 13

I used to have migraine headaches and since they stopped over 15 years ago I have been dizzy. I have been too many doctors over the years and none have come up with a solution. I can't drive anymore, afraid to walk outside, even wake up at night dizzy. My family and I continue to try to figure out why I am dizzy and how to fix it. We now wonder if a mini stroke was a possible cause. If there is any test or treatment I can try.

Comment from: David Evans, 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: September 08

I suffered a mild stroke in April of this year. I was having my lunch and feeling quite normal when all of a sudden I felt light headed as if I was going to faint. My eyesight went crazy and I couldn't focus I thought I was going blind. My wife took me to hospital straight away and I was admitted for further tests. I had every test imaginable including MRI, ultrasound, heart monitoring (24hrs)blood pressure and temperature taken twice a day and of course regular medication for control of blood pressure and cholesterol. During my time in hospital, 11 days, my eyesight settled down and I was able to focus again apart from losing peripheral vision in my left eye. I have completely changed my eating habits now, I take my prescribed medication and I regularly do light exercise including walking cycling and swimming. Oh, and I have finally given up smoking. I have just turned 61 years old and consider myself extremely lucky that it wasn't worse considering my life, pre-stroke, was all but healthy. I am having regular checkups and have more tests to follow as doctors are trying to determine the origin of the stroke which may have emanated from the aorta as it is slightly enlarged particularly. I still get regular dizzy spells if, for instance, I stand too quickly from a lying down position.

Comment from: pocket, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 17

I was at work one day and my leg kept giving way all the time, so I went to see my doctor and all he said was rest. It but I thought it was more serious than that. So I went home I told my mum and she took me to hospital but they didn’t scan me straight away because it was the weekend they said that they don’t scan on weekends unless it was an emergency then a couple of hours had a stroke, actually two.

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