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Strep Throat


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Comment from: Elle1985, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 13

Currently I have strep throat. I am 32 years old and it's really bad. It started with a vague itchiness in my throat on Sunday and that night I was soaked through with night sweats. Then Monday I went to work feeling awful, but thought it was a cold. My throat was awful, I could barely swallow and my glands were swollen. Still I didn't think strep. But by Tuesday morning I was soaked through, had the worst pain I ever experienced, and called in to work. I called my doctor. This is day 2 on penicillin and I still feel super rough.

Comment from: ladywithsorethroat, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 01

Saturday night I went to bed with a slight awareness of my tonsils feeling larger than normal but no pain. By Sunday it had escalated into swollen red masses that were throbbing. I had a fever, swollen glands, my skin and joints were sensitive all over, and it was difficult and painful to swallow. I told my hubby that I am off to the after-hour doctor as the pain was too intense. After a two hour wait in extreme agony, the doctor took one look at my tonsils and said it was strep throat for sure, and put me on antibiotics and Panadol for pain (not that Panadol does much for this type of pain). I even tried tramadol and that didn't even work. Day two I noticed patches of white pus on my tonsils; much to my hubby's disgust (I don't blame him for not wanting to take a closer look). It has been difficult to sleep at night and I have had the most outrageous and vivid dreams. After three days, I have pain in just my left tonsil but severe ache in my left ear as well. The headaches come and go and I have moments of feeling like I am on the mend and then the next minute I am collapsing on a chair because I am feeling terrible and fatigued. I have experienced a lot of intense pain before but this has to be one of the worse kinds of pain I have had to endure. I hope it ends soon.

Comment from: jennifer, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 10

I have never known strep throat symptoms, a few days ago in the middle of the night I had a burning feeling inside my throat and I felt rare pain in throat and ear also. In the morning I thought I got a sore throat so I did some home remedies to cure it, but this didn't help me at all. And after a day I got some red spots on my neck, it was more painful and I had a severe fever that day. I rushed to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat, and he prescribed me antibiotics to take.

Comment from: PB, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: May 02

I just got over a horrible case of strep throat. I am 42, and apparently I am in the 5 to 10 percent of adults who get a terrible case of it. It hit me like a freight train all at once at night. My throat swelled horribly, lymph nodes too, and was red. I couldn't swallow. My whole body ached 10/10 and the worst part was the headache. I could barely move. I got to the doctor right away and test came right back as positive for strep. They put me on penicillin and by the 3rd dose swelling in throat started to subside. Aches subsided about 12 hours later but, 2.5 days later, I still had headaches off and on. The odd thing was, in the beginning I didn't have a fever, but after swelling in throat started to subside, then I started to get a fever. Highest was 101 and fluctuated for 2.5 days from 99.5 to 101. My symptoms are pretty much gone now (3.5 days on penicillin), but I feel like I was run over by a truck. Nasty experience.

Comment from: chloe, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 29

I have had a sore throat for 3 days. I have a large white spot on one side of my tonsils. I cannot even eat, it hurts so much. The doctor said he is not sure if it is strep but he gave me antibiotics anyway. I do not have a fever and have not had strep in 30 years.

Comment from: ragi, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 20

I am experiencing strep throat continously for more than an year. It is very horrible and restricted even short travels, because of cold.

Comment from: 007chef, 35-44 (Patient) Published: October 05

I am 37 years old, diagnosed with strep throat! What seemed to be a weekend getaway with the wife, and little cousins blowing up balloons with laughter turned out to be a terrible weekend. Strep throat for eight days with enormous pain. I had unbearable throat pain with ravaged tonsils and fever. It beat me down. If one truly acquires real strep throat, yikes! It may seem like it will never end, however thankfully there is light at the end! Humbling experience.

Comment from: Amy, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 09

Strep throat is one of the most painful experiences I am currently having. At first I just thought I had a sore throat, but when anti-bacterial cough lollies, and various gargles didn't give me any relief I went to the doctor and found out my pain was strep. I experienced body aches, and joint pains, lethargy, blocked ears, acid taste in the back of my throat, mucus build up in the back of my throat, which I couldn't clear because it was too painful to cough, I couldn't swallow because of the pain it caused and I couldn't eat because of the pain it caused. It is the most painful throat I have ever had. I was also vomiting up mucus, and had loss of appetite. Nasty thing to get, but it's been about 12 hours since I started antibiotics, and my throat is still very sore, but I have noticed that it feels a little better. I am hoping I will wake up tomorrow feeling much better.


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Comment from: Midwest Beth, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 27

Monday evening, I had swollen throat and some pain. After falling asleep, I awakened in full fever/chills and my teeth were actually chattering as I walked to the bathroom for ibuprofen. I stayed in bed all day Tuesday, though my sleep was anything but restful as I fought high fever, fury and dreams. Wednesday morning, I somehow found the energy to throw on some clothes and drive myself to the clinic. I tested for strep and mononucleosis; no mono, but serious strep. I dragged myself through the parking lot, to the pharmacy, and collapsed at home. I learned that day to throw away my toothbrush, yes; and then throw away the 2nd one in other 5 days. So, a slow, slow move toward health; it is now Friday and my throat still hurts to eat or drink, and gums are sore too. I have no fever, but am having some tired phases throughout the day. I haven't worked all week, which costs me plenty. But I'm grateful. I honestly had a grandparent die from this disease in 1930, pre penicillin.

Comment from: da eh, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: March 04

I started feeling very slight difficulty swallowing on a Wednesday. By Thursday the pain was worse. At first I thought I had a normal sore throat, I get those once a year, but was lacking any cough. Upon checking my throat I saw that my tonsils were swollen. This had never happened before. This day was bad but not terrible, and I could swallow with only a little pain, I started antibiotics just to make sure to cover against strep. Friday was terrible, I stopped eating at all, liquids were terribly hard to swallow; I thought I would give the antibiotics at least 48 hours before going to the doctor. Saturday showed no improvement, one tonsil had gotten better, but the other showed pus, and was even pushing my uvula to the side. This night I got no sleep at all, the next day I called a medic to make a home visit (covered by insurance). The doctor told me that maybe the antibiotics still needed a couple days to work out. But if I needed more expedite healing, he could prescribe injected muscular penicillin. I told him right away to do it. My girlfriend injected me (it's not hard at all, you don't need a nurse to do it). Two hours after the injection I had improved greatly, and my tonsil started spewing pus, which I cleaned with cotton swabs. This immediately let me swallow (which after two days without eating, I immediately started by eating and drinking smoothies). By the second injection I was 80 percent less swollen, and eating and drinking normally. I followed with a course of amoxicillin. I guess the moral of this story is to not fear the injection, even ask for it, it is quicker, and if I had known it could shave a couple of the nastiest days of my adult life, I would have done it immediately. So don't fear the needle, the sting is minimal. This was my strep experience, I would call it the worst week I can remember.

Comment from: traci, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 01

Sudden onset of horrible sore throat, but I also have cough, headache and body aches, though no fever. I have tons of sinus drainage, and constantly having to cough and swallow. Strep Is positive, and flu negative.

Comment from: Charlie, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 10

My strep throat started out with bad sinus infection draining down throat, then body aches, and no strength to even get dressed. I went to the doctor finally and was throwing up at his office.

Comment from: km, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 22

Last week I had strep throat infection. I am certainly still taking antibiotics but now I feel like I have urine infection.

Comment from: sickee, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: December 29

I am currently sick with Strep. I woke two mornings ago with a sore throat and just not feeling quite well. As the day progressed, I was feeling sicker. I have had Strep before and I was on-call at a hospital, so I decided to go to the walk-in clinic. I had a positive rapid Strep test and a prescription of antibiotics. My symptoms worsened: I had fever of 104, sensitive and painful skin, horrible head and body aches, and fatigue. Baths have helped with my aching body, and warm drinks have soothed my throat.

Comment from: Amanda, Female (Patient) Published: December 16

I woke up with a mild sore throat and stayed home from school. I couldn't swallow my own saliva without a sharp, aching pain in my throat. It had felt like someone poured acid down the back of my throat. Sunday morning my mom took me to a Patient First clinic and they tested me positive for strep. They gave me amoxicillin and told me to take it three times a day, along with Advil and Mucinex.

Comment from: Helene, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 14

I have never had strep throat and I am 64 years old. I was admitted to the hospital because I lost my voice and I tested positive for strep throat. I gargled with salt water because my throat hurt so badly. They had me on intravenous antibiotics for three days and they sent me home with amoxicillin. It's been three days since I left the hospital and I can't stop coughing.


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