Stomach Cancer vs. Stomach Ulcers


Please share your experience with stomach ulcers or stomach cancer. It may help others with the disease. Submit Your Comment

Comment from: Angel 2.0, 55-64 Female (Caregiver) Published: December 31

My husband, like the Earl of Grantham, suddenly, out of nowhere, began throwing up blood. It was a blood bath and very frightening. I rushed him to emergency. He also passed blood in his stools and had a few more bloody vomits in emergency. It took forever to get him a blood transfusion. The doctors eventually got it under control but he nearly died of blood loss. Like the Earl of Grantham, he had been complaining of an upset stomach prior to the episode. He had just recently beaten stomach cancer.

Comment from: Princess, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 01

I had severe pain on my upper left/middle part of my belly around my ribs through to my back. I went to the emergency room (ER) and got a Zofran; No pain medications. I got a CAT scan. I am in severe pain still. Finally I got 2 Vicodin tablets. I was in the hospital for hours. Finally I was told I had stomach ulcers and small intestine ulcers. I was sent home in pain still with 4 prescriptions for stomach stuff to last one week, no pain medicines. I also had a referral to a gastroenterologist. I was supposed to be seen 4 to 5 days later. This was 3/31/18. I have no medicines left. There was a mistake from the primary care physician (PCP) on referral. I get a new PCP 5/1/18, thankfully. I have had pain since, but was treated poorly in ER. I need additional tests. Don't know what to do. I have a painful, burning, stabbing sensation. The doctor in the ER thought I was faking illness until he got CAT scan results. I am waiting patiently for PCP appointment. I have having ulcer attacks, and no medicines.

Comment from: jody, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: November 07

Under the right rib cage it feels like about 20 needles are sticking in my something and it is very irritating and constant. I am concerned if it is stomach ulcers.


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