Stomach Cancer (Gastric Cancer)


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Comment from: Connie, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I had surgery for stomach cancer in September and 1/2 of my stomach was removed. Also, after surgery I had 3 blood clots pass through my heart and also had MERSA. It was all very painful and scary; but, even though my oncologist jokes that they tried to kill me 3 times, he shakes his head and can only say I caught it in time while I was still healthy. I am now on Gleevic which is supposed to help with stomach tumors and Warfarin for my thick blood. I have had no bad affects from either. I originally went to the doctor because I was very tired and my blood tests showed that my red blood cells were disappearing fast. They did the gastro tests showing an ulcer and another mass. Even a scan could not identify what it was, therefore, the surgery. I can only believe that God has a reason for keeping me here. Today, at 67 I am retired but still work 12 hours a week at the college I am affiliated with and only once in a while feel tired. The doctor is amazed because I am eating just about everything.

Published: September 10

Prior to May, my father had lost weight, felt full after eating very little and began vomiting. Years before these episodes, he was from the old school of "when you have a stomach ache, mix come baking soda w/ water." We called it his cocktail and he would feel better. God only knows how long he had stomach cancer, but was officially diagnosed in May the tumor was huge and then spread to his esophagus, bones and lungs. My daddy passed away. He was a strong man and an athlete all his life and this happened so fast and he was gone even faster. All I can say is there were really no symptoms, except for a belly ache once in awhile after eating, (we've all had that) but the big things happened when it was all to late to cure. Please, everyone, get check-ups, to for an endoscopy every few years and bloodwork. He lasted 10 months from diagnosis and the ending was not nice, I'm thankful my family was with him as he totally wasted away. He never had pain, but just lost so much weight from not eating. I wish there was more testing for this horrible form of cancer.

Comment from: Grateful Lady, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

In April 2003, I began to experience digestive problems - upset stomach, etc. I was 61 years old and in good health. I started feeling very full after a few bites of food, and felt like I had eaten a four-course meal. I went to my regular doctor with my symptoms and he sent me for a scan of my stomach. A large mass showed up in my stomach. I went to a surgeon, who did an endoscopy and a biopsy. He could tell by looking at my tumor that it was malignant. He began telling me that he would need to take out 3/4ths of my stomach and I would need chemo and radiation therapy. He met with our local Cancer Board of Doctors two days later and they suggested we try chemotherapy before talking about surgery. I went through 4 months of chemo, then had another endoscopy. He showed me a photo of nothing left but scar tissue but I opted to take 2 more months of chemo as a precaution. The chemo was particularly cruel to my body and I still have problems with my colon lining, joint pain and stomach problems, but I have passed 6 years now without the cancer returning.


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