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Comment from: Bettesbest, (Patient) Published: April 12

Six spinal surgeries have been performed to try to correct paralysis from neck fracture at C2-C4. After the 3rd surgery fusing spine, further up my spine scoliosis presented and was rapidly twisting my spine to one side. My body is contorted severely to one side and it is also affecting my ribs. At the top of the ribs, under xiphoid bone my ribs are curling under and tender to touch. I suffer constant pain up my entire spine, and at the base of spine it is now curled up and twisted to one side of where spine should be. I'm in so much pain I cannot begin to even deal with anything deemed quality of life. This is one struggle I cannot get help with.

Medically reviewed by Joseph Robison, MD; Board Certification in Orthopedic Surgery


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