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Comment from: Mama Bear, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 06

After a year of suffering with scabies, which my 4 year old and I got on a beach vacation, I am finally trying homeopathy. It seems to help. I went to 2 qualified homeopaths who gave both a constitutional remedy and one specifically for the skin. The second one works. After my first dose last week, I shed a hellacious lot of critters and their debris that just fell off me like sand. I also stank horribly for a day. The smell has gone now, and scabies is better but not gone. I will keep taking this remedy.

Comment from: Kartik, 19-24 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 19

Yes, I've got scabies. I'm living in a hostel, where a room was emptied by my seniors, so I decided to use their bed because it looked nice. I put that bed in sunlight for up to 7 hours. Then, after using it for 1 month, I've got itchy bumps on my skin. I thought that it was eczema but no, it was scabies. My happy life was gone for one year; yes, I was infested by scabies a whole year. I've used permethrin 5 percent and it went well. I washed my clothes and blankets with very hot water. But now, thank goodness, I'm fine.

Comment from: Moe, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 05

I found out that I have what looks like scabies. I got the permethrin cream and I used tea tree oil and fresh aloe vera plant gel. I used vinegar and it seems like things help soothe the itch but the mites bit me up again at night even after washing the sheets. So I came on here, did more reading and I decided to try the rubbing alcohol. I stripped my bed and left the bedding. I bought foggers for bed bugs and lice then I sprayed bedbug spray on the mattress and carpet.

Comment from: Sanity Asaulted, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: October 16

I had grayish lines on my legs and intense itching, then noticed black dots towards the folding of my left breast. Then a bump with a crusty top layer. The doctor first thought it was a spider. I took antibiotics for scabies. I have over 30 bites. I was on permethrin for 7 days, no relief. Now I am on the 3rd ivermectin dose. Don't know how I got it. I had debris coming out of my mouth and from my clitoris. Can't sleep, have nightmares, afraid to lie down. Going insane, feels like a nightmare.

Comment from: Pooh, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 14

This is my third time in a year dealing with scabies. Someone at my work had it, they were never treated, and I have given it to my boyfriend. His rash is red and pimply whereas mine has burrows that turn red at night from irritation but more, so I can see the grey lines from the active scabies moving. Permethrin has done nothing and our general physician, the emergency room, multiple urgent cares, and dermatologist will all only give cream, no ivermectin. Or say it’s not scabies, and give steroids which make it worse. It is scabies.

Comment from: Niora, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 29

I found this article useful and recovered from scabies using the methods mentioned to eliminate scabies.

Comment from: 2yrs; of the worst, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 27

You are not insane, it’s scabies. Permethrin and ivermectin work 65 percent. Yes, it is in the ears, mouth, scalp, under the finger and toe nails. Notice a tiny S-shaped hair on your arm hair that are standing straight up. If you pick a scab it bleeds forever. The tiny iridescent dots are females. Black are male.

Comment from: Claire, 45-54 (Patient) Published: October 13

I don't know if it's just me, but at night I feel the little scabies mites crawling out of my nose. Just recently after doing the cream all over the body thing, I felt them push through my anus to hide. And let me tell you, I put cream everywhere... how can they push through the cream! I thought the cream was supposed to be a barrier and they would die. I am not sleeping, might get 1 - 2 hours a night. I'm at my wits’ end. I have started tea tree oil baths hoping it might help.

Comment from: Depressed , 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 06

Two week after a hook up I noticed bumps on my penis. I’m not sure if the hook up infected me with scabies or my house mate. I asked the hook up and she said she didn’t give me. I also go to the gym a lot. I used at least 6 scabies cream including something called Lyclear within a month because every time I itched I thought the scabies is back. I go to the doctor and tell him it is back and he will give me the cream without inspecting me. The doctor thinks they are gone, I’m left with itching dry skin from using too much cream. I have to use moisturizer for dry skin.


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Comment from: Wild, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 06

I've had scabies on scalp about a year. I've used them all, they go away, and then come right back.

Comment from: Deeez, 25-34 Female (Caregiver) Published: July 16

Scabies hate tea tree, put tea tree oil in your lotion, your shampoo, and conditioner, and make sure you rub the lotion all over your body when you get out the shower, and they will go away. Vacuum and change sheets daily, spray down couches with Lysol and clean with Pine-sol, and they will go away. You have to keep this up though.

Comment from: Trace, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: July 16

I've had scabies a few times, it is the worst! Applying 99 percent isopropyl alcohol liberally and directly to the infected area works like a champ. If I have to scratch, I drench a paper towel with alcohol and scratch while holding the saturated towel on my skin. It burns but it nukes the mites! It should take hours before the itch returns. Every time you feel the urge to scratch apply alcohol while scratching if you have to, then shower and re-apply. Wash your clothes every night, and bedding every morning!

Comment from: Storm, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 07

This will sound crazy but I am now going on 27 years with a type of scabies mite. My whole family and friends and past coworkers have it to different extents. No one will believe. I’ve seen so many dermatologists and they all say it’s either eczema or acne. They have given me permethrin but it’s only a temporary fix. I have red bumps from head to toe. My hair has been falling out and itches. My 3 year old has the bumps as well as my husband. I’ve been searching for two decades to no avail.

Comment from: Granny, 65-74 Female (Caregiver) Published: May 10

I have had my scabies for over 2 years, within three or four days of my husband returning from a business trip to Texas. Doctors and 2 hospitals all confirmed I had herpes, and with my allergies I required compounded medications over 2 years. It got up to USD 800 a month just for herpes medicines and I was sure I was dying; the pain and itch had me bleeding in the worst of places. Finally my general physician (GP) said it might be bedbugs, scabies or worms! I gave up the USD 800 a month medicines, and started attacking my home, dogs, carpet, and bedding, all vehicles for parasites! It worked! Eventually my itch stopped. Scars are still there. Ivermax works if internal but the fastest way is to use permethrin wash, everything must be cleaned. I am glad my GP figured that was what was eating me alive.

Comment from: Anne, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: March 29

Scabies first appeared as terrible burning and itching, without rash, on inner thighs and genitals. Then tiny red spots appeared usually surrounded by a red ring (inflamed capillaries maybe) all over my body, even on my face. I was infected by my mother, who was in a nursing home. My husband was infected by me. My husband's rash was more common, with pimples on skin of web spaces between fingers, and red sores about 3 mm diameter on his arms, legs, and trunk. We were not diagnosed for 5 months, but finally were given permethrin cream, which did help a lot, but I still had burning in my genitals. Then, we were give oral ivermectin, which finally did away with the mites. Women especially need ivermectin because you cannot put permethrin on the moist labia of the genitals and the live mites remain there after the permethrin treatment. We had residual itching for a year, from the debris of the mites coming to the surface of the skin, and irritating the skin. But, we were encouraged that the mites were dead and the itching would finally go away. It did, except I was left with burning in my labia from the abundance of debris being shed. The only thing that helped relieve that was coconut oil, and I am now free of burning and itching.

Comment from: Longdrivebill, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: December 03

I have big red bumps all over my body from scabies. I can actually feel the little bites, eggs come out, and something sticky.

Comment from: 56 year lady, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 04

I was diagnosed with scabies in May of 2019, boy, this is awful. Itches like crazy. The thing that I was most unhappy with is that the doctors do not tell you what you should expect. You have to be persistent and ask them all kinds of questions. I had to look up on the internet most of what I needed to know. Most will just give you a cream or the pills, and you don't know exactly what comes next or if the treatment was successful. I am still battling with them, or the aftermath of them… again just not sure.

Comment from: resistant scabies, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: July 01

In January 2018, I visited Northern Australia. Approximately 8 weeks later, I developed a rash on my hands, and it was later found to be multi-drug resistant scabies. Permethrin and ivermectin do not work, nor do any of the other known treatments, or the new medications moxidectin or isoxazoline or oil, eugenol. Knock-down resistance in scabies is a legitimate, unrecognized issue. Physicians do not realize this.


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Comment from: Chris James, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 15

Prescription cream didn’t work for my scabies. After first use I used work gloves unwashed that sat 10 days. Bugs came back on my hands. Next they come back where I wear jewelry; necklace with cross and two rings. I live in a car. I sprayed the car down with permethrin spray. The can said it kills them in 6 weeks. I read most people’s immune system kills the bugs. Compromised immune systems (I'm diabetic) are at risk. I'm doing a juice fast to boost immune system. Clove oil undiluted burned skin. Heroin addicts carry unnoticed.

Comment from: Sonny, 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 04

For 3 weeks now I've had sores from scabies on my entire body, where they just split open and a little mite, I guess, comes out. They come out from my face, arms, legs, fingernails, anywhere. I got prescription cream and used it last 10 days, but not doing better. I still have dozens and dozens of little things coming out of my skin.

Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 21

I feel like my body is shutting down, I have tremors so bad. It absolutely kills me to breathe, I used my inhaler a few weeks ago and felt like a billion needles went down into my lungs. I have made two emergency room trips, and they said nothing was wrong. I wonder if it would be possible to have scabies mites for like 3/4 of a year and not recognize it! I'm disabled, so I know my immune system is weakened, and maybe that makes me more susceptible. My granddaughter was sent home from school, in the beginning of the year, she didn't appear to have any issues; but a child sitting near her at school did. I feel like my lungs are inflamed, like a chemical burning agent.

Comment from: melissa, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 03

Try the horse paste ivermectin for scabies; that is what we did.

Comment from: Itchy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 18

I was diagnosed with scabies 9 months ago. I have not cheated or been with anyone but friends. I got permethrin and my symptoms went away. I have them again! I'm house bound and been that way for 3 months, so I don’t know where they are coming from.

Comment from: proof6972, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: May 03

I have been suffering with scabies for 1 year. I have been treated with creams, pills from the doctor, light therapy and home remedies, and I can't get rid of these nasty bugs. I also have a mother with dementia in my home who I take care of, and I don't want this to spread in my home.

Comment from: texnva2, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: March 22

I caught scabies from the barber, December of 2014. It took 9 months to lose them and I got a haircut and now I have them the second time, so you can get them from the barber, sad to say. You really need to wash your hair real good after a new haircut.

Comment from: queenofalluniverse, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 16

My beautiful dog has mange, and I got scabies. I went to a dermatologist and used all the medicine up. I still have scabies. I put sulfa powder on the dog to cure his mange, then on myself. I got almost instant relief for both of us.

Comment from: runner-athlete, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: July 05

Approximately 3 to 4 weeks after a sexual "hook up," intense itching began in my groin area. Distinct red spots began appearing on my chest, and the itching at night became intense. I could feel the bugs crawling on my skin, prompting a visit to a dermatologist. The doctor scrapped several skin samples and could not detect the scabies bug. He decided to treat me with permethrin 5% cream. I applied before bed over entire body; the next morning the relief was IMMEDIATE. I moved out of my bedroom for 7 days, not reentering at all. At day 7 all bedding was cleaned, as well as clothing I had worn. Permethrin 5% cream was re-applied 7 days later, although the symptoms were absent. No recurrence of scabies since.

Comment from: rhorn, Female (Patient) Published: June 14

I have used the permethrin cream two times -- the last time was a week ago. Some days I am fine with very little itching. Today I'm itching like crazy. It seems to be worse on hotter days.

Comment from: Carlos, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: April 12

I suffered scabies about a week without even knowing, all I knew is that I came home from swimming and all of a sudden i was real itchy, i thought it was me, so I took a shower but I was still itching and two weeks later I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with scabies and he gave me some cream to put on overnight and wash off in the morning, but there where bumps from my upper body and down and the itching was massive

Comment from: newme, Female (Patient) Published: March 12

Scabies was the most embarrassing and horrible thing I've EVER EXPERIENCED! I was diagnosed with psoriasis a few years before and I itched all the time. Then my boyfriend at the time started getting bumps and getting itchy bad all over his genitals and freaked out. He went to the doctor and he found out it was scabies and he got it from me.

Comment from: karthikeyan, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: December 16

I personally suffered from this scabies for more than a month without even knowing what it is. It puts you in a highly embarrassing situation in front of your friends and colleagues. Then a doctor gave me treatment. I started using Scaboma. It’s a lotion that should be applied all over the body before your sleep. I got rid of that notorious, irritating and embarrassing itching disease within one week. Now I am free from scabies. Please do use this lotion. I wanted to pass this information onto others.

Comment from: frustratingly itchy, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 02

I have them for the second time in a year. I want to know is what causes them where they come from we haven’t been anywhere or done anything different. I finally used a tea tree oil nit shampoo ALL over my body and left it on for a bit and my itching overnight has decreased by 99%. You can get this stuff from supermarket.

Comment from: Judy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 21

I was diagnosed about a year or so ago with scabies, I did the treatment the doctor ordered which was Kwellda body cream left on the body overnight and shower in the morning, change bedding and clothing every day for seven to 10 days. My symptoms were the most insane itching I have ever known on my arms not in the crease of my elbows or to my fingers but from my shoulders down to my wrists. I have gotten it a second time, a year later the same time of year with no real answer as to where I got it from in the first place, so treat again and hope like crazy it's gone for good with no return to my body, this itch is unbelievable and yes will definitely wake you and keep you awake in the nights. Hope I never hear the word scabies again. Good luck.

Comment from: hatepests, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 15

We stayed in a hotel because of anther bug problem we had and the second night we were there I realized a scratchy, red, pimply rash broke out on my behind. I went to the doctor and he gave me permethrin cream. I used it and it spread over the next two days.

Comment from: Janet, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 08

I experienced irritated, scaly itching eyelids, as well as pinching and itching all over my body and scalp.

Comment from: violet, Published: July 22

For the second time in 6 months, myself, my 4 kids, and my husband (also some of my other family) have caught scabies from my husband’s daughter, who we only visit every few months. The first time was insane. I never heard of scabies before then, and it drove me insane. I was like a mad person... visiting multiple doctors, and all the cleaning and paranoia. It was very hard on my entire family, but after about 1-2.5 weeks, it was all over, and so amazingly behind us!!!! Now about 6 months later we went to visit my stepdaughter again, and here we are again!!! We’re on our second treatment of cream, and with 4 small children, and a billon things to clean, I really hope it will be gone.

Comment from: babeso, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

I itched and scratched like crazy. The next day I had a red rash and what looked like welts. Then my daughter could see like little pimples. I got the cream and it is helping. I have to do it a second time. My doctor told me yo put all my bed clothes in a plastic bag sealed good and leave it in the bag for three days and then wash in hot water. I am also taking Benadryl tablets. This is a terrible thing to have.

Comment from: ElizabethT, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: March 24

At first I started getting little red bumps on my arms, stomach, and legs. Then they started to itch like crazy. And after awhile I got little clear bumps on my hands. So I finally went to the doctor, and the first one said it wasn’t scabies, and said it was eczema. So he gave me some cream to help the itching. Well after two weeks nothing changed I still itched and I still had the bumps. So I went to a different doctor and she said it was scabies. So she gave me a cream I had to rub all over myself and leave it on for 24 hours then wash it off in the morning.

Comment from: jane, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 01

I went to the doctor with itching on mainly my abdomen about a month after giving birth to my daughter. I didn't go out much at all during that time, but had started going to the tanning bed. I didn't even know what scabies was. I was convinced that I had to have gotten them from there. None of the others had it. It was very embarrassing. Then about 10 years later, I got it again

Comment from: Kieron, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: February 07

Hey guys, this skin infection has made me an extremely paranoid and self conscious person for the last month, I have no confidence and feel ashamed of myself, I have read various articles about Scabies and I am genuinely disturbed by their infestation on myself as well as others. I really hope these filthy parasites will be eliminated in my next treatment which I will take more seriously. I would also like to take the opportunity to wish good luck to everyone that has contracted Scabies and tell them that it is good to share this information, do not suffer in silence PLEASE and make sure you see your G.P. when you can.

Comment from: No longer itchy, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 06

I got scabies about 25 years ago right after starting college. I lived with 3 roomates and various people hung out at our apartment all the time. I saw a dermatologist 2 or 3 times before a correct diagnosis was made. I was not sexually active at the time. Doctor said I could have gotten it from sitting on the sofa after someone else who had scabies, shaking hands with someone, etc. None of my roomates ever got it, but I spread it to my parents when I visited them and sat on their furniture (or when I hugged them). It was on my abdomen and really bad between my fingers. THe itching was terrible. Kwell lotion cleared it up.

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