Pustular Psoriasis


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Comment from: Denise W., 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 06

My pustular psoriasis was definitely caused by stress.

Comment from: Letitia, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 05

This is exactly it; pustular psoriasis - the pustules and then plaques along with the psoriatic arthritis. I have bad osteoarthritis from a mountain fall. Then I was in a wildfire. My broken jaw was infected. I didn't get bad knee arthritis until 12 years later, but I was still hanging on. My face got terrible open sores. I got MRSA in the jawbone. By 2009, something else was wrong. My knees got bad fast. My hand was misshapen. I was still trying to get help for the jaw. It got stopped by insurance again and everything went south then steadily until the doctors finally got my jaw in 2015. They removed the infected part and reconstructed. I knew I had psoriatic arthritis by 2015. The orthopedic surgeon suspected it. The toes are horrible. The pustules and plaques are only on the left-hand so far. The feet and hands swell, especially feet, but lots of motion diminishes it. Then the land under my mobile home was taken away. I had nothing to fight with. My home was finished in the destruction they started in 2016. Then the pustular part on the hand went crazy. The knees and hand really hurt, but I try to keep them going. I lost grip in the left. The stress, especially over the home, is the biggest trigger for the pustular psoriasis now. There is heredity for the psoriatic part; my mom died of scleroderma and dad had scalp psoriasis, but infection and stress set this off hugely. My doctor delayed the knee replacements, which should have happened last summer, because of the home. The situation is all the worse because of it, and the other factors with fighting with greedy empires. The pustular things make me really mad, but I would never take system poisoning drugs. And with bone grafts, it would be insanity, anyway. I'm glad that my trusted doctors and myself, care and check everything.

Comment from: Beachbum, Female (Patient) Published: July 22

I started having small flare-ups of pustular psoriasis in college on my palms and sides of my feet. It continued for many years. I truly believe that the cause was using an antiperspirant, perhaps an allergic reaction to aluminum in it. When I discontinued using an antiperspirant, and used a simple deodorant, and drank more water, there was significant improvement. I really believe that the acid content in my perspiration or a reaction to the aluminum in the antiperspirant was the cause of my pustular psoriasis. When you block the armpits from perspiring, there is an increase of perspiration on the palms and feet. I decided to increase my water intake as well, and since that time, I have had great results.


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