Pulmonary Hypertension


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Comment from: Becky, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I am 49 years old. Another tip I have found is doing my walking where there is a cart or stroller to hold on to. This way, I am able to walk a lot farther, and it is not as obvious as using a walker would be. Also, when I first get signs of congestion, I am proactive with treatment. I keep prescription cough medicine on hand and use it at the first sign of a bronchitis flare-up. This has kept me from taking antibiotics as often. I hope this helps a little. Be as active as possible, and make each day count. Embrace the good days. Lots of prayer has kept me going.

Comment from: heartful, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: September 10

I suffered a blunt force blow to my chest. I was left with a small bruise the size of an elbow over my heart. My heart ached for a couple months, and unbeknownst to me blood had begun to fill the pericardial space until symptoms of cardiac tamponade sent me to the hospital to have a pericardial drain. The injury was so severe that 500 cc of fluid initially, and an additional 450 cc were drained that first evening. My symptoms returned and I had pericardectomy (removal of the pericardium) 3 weeks later. Post-operatively I suffered from severe mitral valve disease which caused my pulmonary hypertension. I continued to worsen after recovering from surgery. Chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue led me from cardiologist to cardiologist, most trying to convince me it was due to deconditioning. I knew it was not the cause as I was trying to do more and yet my condition was worsening. I received a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension in years later. After researching a description fit my symptoms perfectly! Still I was not given any medications for the disease until I was put on oxygen as my condition continued to worsen with my oxygen levels dropping into the 80's with walking. When I finally received medication for the disease, seven months later, it took only a week to get off the full day oxygen treatment. My energy level is low, I still get out of breath, and I continue to have chest pain which has been worsening, but I am able to breathe better since getting on the Revatio. The cost is more than $1300 a month for the drug, but to me is worth every penny.

Comment from: ekralc610, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: February 21

Initially, I was playing tennis and I could not finish the set. The next day I still could not play and furthermore I went on for eight months unable to play. I had some work to do in the attic of my home and had great difficulty getting down from the attic, so much so that when I finally got down to terra firma I threw up my guts. The oxygen check device came in at 98%.


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