Pulmonary Hypertension


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Comment from: Marla, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: February 28

I am 67 and was diagnosed 7 years ago with pulmonary hypertension. I think it occurred after a small rock caused a blood clot in my left leg and after I had recovered from a three-month intense respiratory illness. Those events may have activated the gene mutation I have for heart issues. My doctors won't tell me much. My point is that I am still living and doing even better 7 years after my diagnosis. I have a nurse who has had the diagnosis for 17 years. My condition has not gone beyond mild. But one of my former doctors told me I had one year to live by the time I found out about the diagnosis! It was on the last page of the pages he gave me to take home and read. He would not talk to me about it. My further point is that I think there is no reason for sites like yours to have at the end of the text that patients have three to five years or one to three years. That is a ridiculous assumption and a terrifying thing to read. Doctors are ill equipped when it comes to talking about this. Nurses and technicians are much wiser and more understanding. They know how to comfort and reassure a patient. Black and white text announcing one's assumed death is not appropriate.


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