Prostate Cancer


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Comment from: Max, Male (Patient) Published: November 11

This is a warning to all prostate cancer sufferers. I was diagnosed with noninvasive prostate cancer in 2014. I was given 3 options for the cancer and the best treatment option was given to me. The options were removal, radiotherapy, or brachytherapy, which if chosen would set me back personally around USD 15000. I decided on the third option as it was made out to be the discovery of the century. We sold off a lot of items to raise the money for the procedure. What a bad decision! I had the procedure, paid my money up front, and since then my life has been ruined by this treatment. First I had to use a catheter for 7 months, 4 times a day, then I went down for a cystoscopy, and contracted a dangerous bug in my bladder that went to my blood stream. The next day I went down, actually died, as my breathing stopped due to collapsed lungs. Lucky my son lives two streets from a hospital, as I was pronounced dead on arrival, as my lungs and heart had stopped from the effects of the bug. Since then I have been hospitalized, with a recurrence of the same bug. And I have just been diagnosed with a wrecked bladder and wrecked urethra, all due to this brachytherapy radiation. So people, be very careful if ever offered that option. They never warned me of the after effects, just the good things. I hope this helps someone, even one person from that awful treatment.

Comment from: ben, 75 or over Male (Patient) Published: July 06

I had prostate cancer, and had it removed ten years ago. Now I have blood in my urine all the time.


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