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Comment from: Athens, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: February 05

I had flu and took Tamiflu. After 10 days, I still felt extremely bad with a low grade fever. So I went in for blood tests and CT scan which showed pneumonia. I started Augmentin but doctor is not sure the pneumonia is bacterial. My worst complaint is extreme body pain that I can’t relieve.

Comment from: PneumoniaInNY, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: November 29

Last Saturday out of nowhere when I woke up my entire body was very achy and I felt like I was coming down with something. Well, fast forward 2 days later and Monday before Thanksgiving I felt awful. I had a sinus infection and what felt like bronchitis setting in. I went to the doctor and it was bronchitis but also my right lung. I was wheezing badly and had to get an x-ray which turned out to be pneumonia. It’s now 11 days later and my cough is dry and worse, followed my heavy wheezing. Doctor visit in the morning!

Published: May 21

I had a severe chest pain one day at work with lightheadedness and tingling in fingers. I had had a bad cold about two weeks earlier, but it had cleared up. The pain lasted about 15 minutes then subsided. I went home, ate a normal supper, took a hot bath and went to bed. Within one hour I was chilling all over my body and became extremely nauseous. I had no clue what was wrong and just endured all of this with a fever. I did not have a thermometer, but knew I was very hot. In the early morning we went to a walk in clinic. They thought I might be having a heart attack, due to the fact I am 53, a woman, and had had the chest pain, and had really no sign of a cough or anything. After blood tests and x-rays, however, it was determined I had pneumonia. They gave me intravenous IV antibiotics in the hospital and then let me go home with another antibiotic prescription. I go back to doctor in two weeks.

Comment from: shesanurse, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 29

A little over a month ago I had a bad cold with severe cough which lingered. I still have the occasional cough and continue to feel quite fatigued every day. I also have pain in my chest which feels like it is going into my back. I wonder if this could this be an atypical pneumonia. I have no fever, cough is dry and nonproductive.

Comment from: pfehrman, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 29

I seem to get pneumonia frequently, but I also have sarcoidosis, which seems to predispose me to pneumonia. I've lost count because I've had it so often. It also appears to be more prominent in the spring. I'm currently experiencing pneumonia symptoms and they are moderately severe right now. I'm having lots of trouble breathing, the phlegm is excessive and very thick, and chokes me. I've had a very sore throat throughout this process and when I cough, I can barely catch my breath. My pleura seems to be affected now because not only does it hurt to breathe, it hurts around my ribs as well. I've had many sarcoid friends from my support group die of pneumonia, and we're all very familiar with this process. Just keeping out of the hospital and staying alive can be a challenge sometimes.

Comment from: Henry, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: July 12

At first, I thought I had ordinary malaria because we have it where I live in Kenya. I took medication for fever, cough, back ache, and chest pain. My symptoms continued and the doctor determined I had pneumonia. I'm now taking the right medication and am feeling much better.

Comment from: walt4miami, 65-74 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 25

My husband has COPD. He became very short of breath so we took him to ER. He was admitted and diagnosed with pneumonia. Released 3 days later with antibiotic and steroids. 2 weeks later we were back at ER for a second stint of pneumonia, treated for 10 days and once again released with antibiotic and steroids. 5 days later we took him to ER at different hospital (sister to original). His O2 was 68 when we pulled up while using portable oxygen. He has been there for 10 days as of today 6/23/13. X-ray taken yesterday shows NO improvement, they claim there is a "bug" within the pneumonia they are not able to identify. I am at a loss. None of the 7 antibiotics have touched the problem. I don't know where to go from here. He has 3 doctors: Infectious Disease, MD and Pulmonary.

Comment from: JOHN, 7-12 Male (Patient) Published: July 18

I started with headache, conjunctivitis and little fever. Then, the chills became more severe and the fever rise to 102.5F. The second day I got vomit and tiredness. I had the fever and chills for 4 days even though I was taking Ibuprofen and Amoxicillin. After all those symptoms I went to the Doctor and he sent me a X-Ray to confirm what he thought. I was pneumonia in my lower right lobe. The doctor gave 3 shot of penicillin and also prescribe Bioxin twice per day. He also talked me to use the nebulizer 3 times per day and take some cough medicine (Robitussin DCA or Mucinex as needed for cough). Now I am getting better and I was lucky to find it early.


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Comment from: duke.para7, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: July 14

I was diagnosed with Laryngitis, and was told that there was a slight problem. With my Sinuses. After the consultation I was given a prescription to take, which I did that altered what I was experiencing. My throat started to clear, the coughing capacity decreased but its intensity increased. This means that there was a decrease in the quantity of white sputum, but a change to smaller amounts of yellow chunky sputum. There was also an increase in stinging chest pains which moved around, not being in the same place, but sometimes in the left chest, then the right, and from time to time simultaneously on either side of my sternum. When the pains hit centre chest, I was under the impression it had something to do with my heart and got concerned. This sparked my return to consultation. I was told that it was sinus and was treatable. I was so concerned that I insisted on an ECG or X-ray as confirmation. The doctor ordered the X-ray to be taken. After viewing the X-ray I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. I have now been put on the antibiotics.

Comment from: Anne, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: April 19

In the past three years I have spent 17 months cooped up in my apartment due to pneumonia. The first bout lasted seven months. When I finally changed doctors, the first thing the new doctor told me was that both of my lungs were collapsed from the infection. X-rays confirmed this. I was put on Dalacin C and Sulfatrim, plus 50 mg of prednisone for 60 days. It took seven months to get almost back on my feet. The second round of pneumonia was 12 months later. The X-rays supposedly revealed no pneumonia. The doctor said both lungs were filled top to bottom. I can hear all the crackling. Stupid, stupid, stupid, X-ray people. I’m back on the same antibiotics and prednisone routine. The third round of pneumonia occurred nine months later. It took about 4 ½ months to recover somewhat. I had the same drug regime. The X-ray said no pneumonia. This time, the prednisone gave me every side effect in the book, including possible cataracts. My oxygen levels always go down, but I am able to bring them back up over the months. The body cramps from the prednisone are death defying. Yet anything less than 50 mg prednisone will not work. When I could not walk more than three steps and could not speak more than three words, my doctor still did nothing. My doctor does not believe in doing any blood work after I am better. She only believes in CBCs. How lucky can I get – not.

Published: June 24

I am 17 years old and today was diagnosed with pneumonia. It started off as strep throat, however the strep became resistant to the antibiotics I was taking and I started to get very ill. I have had a very persistent fever in the 102-104 range. Luckily my dad is a physician and immediately recognized the symptoms and took me to the hospital. I am now being treated and hope to have a smooth recovery.

Published: June 24

I’m a 27 year old healthy female and was diagnosed with Pneumonia last year. I didn’t have chest pains nor the cough. I had a rising temperature for three days before I decided to seek medical advice. My doctor thought I may have urinary infection and prescribed me with anti-biotics. Even then I still stayed home for another day with vomiting and rising temperature before I decided to go to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital by then I could not hold my head up anymore. They immediately took me in and started investigating. This took them another day to find out what was actually wrong with me because I didn't have general symptoms of Pneumonia. After a day and a plain chest x-ray they were able to diagnose me with Pneumonia. I was admitted to hospital for two weeks and made a full recovery.

Published: June 20

Acquired pneumonia while being diagnosed for a Fever & Head Pain condition that was likely viral. Just one day after the administration of a "precautionary" antibiotic a slight milky phlegm began running from the sinuses. It found its way to the lungs after the first night and bang - Pneumonia, on top of the other viral problems already present.

Published: June 20

When I was 4 I developed Pneumonia for the first time. I did not respond to antibiotics and was hospitalized. It became so severe that they thought I would die. Then, some antibiotics began to work. I got better and my lungs made a full recovery with no damage. I am now 22 years old and have Pneumonia 19 times. I was hospitalized for at least 10 of them. Each time was so severe that they worried there would be scarring on my lungs, but there never was. When the doctors listened to my chest, it always sounded clear, even though I was obviously ill. When they did a chest x-ray, my lungs were always packed full, therefore causing no crackling sounds. It always came on very suddenly. They never figured out what caused all these Pneumonias, but I haven't had it in 5 years. It just went away.

Published: June 19

Two of my friends had pneumonia. One lived and the other died. My friend who lived started out with what seemed to be a sinus infection, we went to the doctor and they took an x-ray and saw the pneumonia infection. They quickly admitted him into the hospital and was there for a week and a half. If he had not gone to the doctor's office my friend would have died from this. My other friend started out the same with what seemed to be a sinus infection. He went to the doctor and was given medicine for the sinus infection. No x-ray was done. He continued feeling sick with the so called sinus infection and went to another doctor, who took an x-ray and found the pneumonia. My friend was placed in the hospital; a week later went into a coma and a week after that he pasted away.


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Published: June 18

I had pneumonia and it took me 3 different antibiotics to get rid of it and several months later and I have just been diagnosed with pneumonia again so back on the antibiotics one more time, I am a health care worker and am concerned about lowering my immunities to such things as c-diff and m.r.s.a.

Published: June 18

My chest hurt very bad. I think I would rather have another back surgery than the pain I had just try to take in breaths. Rest was the only thing that seemed to work. It can drag out a couple weeks even 3 or 4. Just get as much rest as possible.

Published: June 17

I have just got out of hospital from having pneumonia in both lungs. I had just a wheezy cough for three weeks and the two doctors I saw during this time thought it was an onset of asthma and thus treated me for that. However, after three weeks I deteriorated to fevers, shortness of breath and weakness. I was put on Amoxil but it didn’t touch me. Three days later I was put on Augmentin. Still no response after two days. Returned to the GP again with a temp of 39 and could hardly talk or breathe. They did not want to give me IV therapy so doubled my dose of Augmentin. However, on the way out to the car I collapsed and was rushed to hospital where IV therapy started and Oxygen for three days. Now recovering but it has been one of the scariest things I have encountered. Will be off work for two more weeks.

Published: June 11

My son is 18mos. He suddenly had an awful cough. Then he had a runny nose (clear not discolored) within two days. The 3rd day his fever went up. I took him to the Dr. mainly for the cough and the doctor said he had fluid in the bottom right lung. He is currently being treated via antibiotics.

Published: June 09

I was told I had Pneumonia. I had only a fever in the evening for several days. NO OTHER SYMTOMS, just a FEVER. It did not go away so I went to the doctors. I was given Antibiotics. No change after 4 days, given 2 more different Antibiotics 3 days, fever gone, Back to doctors for follow up. That evening fever returned and then a cough. 3 days later I was sent to the hospital. I was very dehydrated and very high fever. I don't remember everything they gave me but I was in there for 8 days. They did a ton of test and blood work only to never find anything causing the fever. There were 2-3 small spots on my lungs found (from first doc visit in office) and I was told I had pneumonia. I think Pneumonia covers a broad range of lung illnesses and is not fully understood yet. It took me over a month and half to recover and feel like me again. All I know was I got really sick really fast and I don't think they know why. And no one else around me home or work, or friends, family got sick from me.

Published: June 09

I was involved in an accident that caused severe head and sinus trauma. Both of these led to surgery. Since then I have had 2 bouts of pneumonia, immediately after developing sinus infections and ended up in the hospital, once for almost 2 weeks. Since then I have to use a CPAP machine while sleeping.

Published: June 06

My cousin just passed away; he was only 39, of good health. He was taking an immune inhibitor for his psoriasis; not sure if that was the reason, but the pneumonia completely shut down his lungs while he was on a ventilator. He checked into the hospital on the May 25th on his own will, and quickly degraded from that point.

Published: June 03

This past weekend my 90 year old grandfather was admitted into the hospital for a pulled leg muscle from falling to the ground. Turns out that he was weakened and confused due to pneumonia. He had had a very phlegm filled cough for about 6 months, but we had all figured he was 90, that was normal. He was always very very active and healthy, only complaining about the normal arthritis. He was put in the hospital Friday, and to be discharged today (Monday). He will be on antibiotics to clear up the infection.

Published: May 29

My daughter (2 years old) suddenly developed a high fever (104) and acted lethargic. She also said, "Ow" and put her hand over her chest so I took her in to the doctor right away and she had pneumonia. So it can occur without signs of a cold or cough, especially in children. I would say if a normally active child is suddenly lethargic and has a fever that should definitely be checked out!

Published: May 29

I was diagnosed with pneumonia at the age of 10 and was ill for about four weeks. I experienced unusually high fevers such as 103 degrees Fahrenheit and commonly experienced difficulty breathing. I experienced a loss of appetite and was constantly lethargic. I was submitted to the hospital one morning when I woke up with heavy difficulty breathing and needed to be placed on oxygen. I stayed at the hospital for nearly 30 hours. While in the hospital, I received an IV in my arm with fluids to keep me hydrated. I also needed to blow into a breathing instrument to test my lung capacity, and learned that while ill it was extremely lower than average. Throughout having the disease, I had high fevers, chills, coughing, headaches, and difficulty breathing. I am now 14 years of age, and have not developed asthma or any other diseases or disorders that may pertain to having pneumonia in the past.

Published: May 21

My son has had a hard cough for years with little sputum. Recently he had a horrendous fever,awful pains in back and chest, confusion, and chronic pain which was diagnosed as a fractured spine. He was wandering about in a confused state and did not respond to questioning. The doctor prescribed pain killers and cough syprup! What should I do? wonder whether he has a heart problem? Any advice welcome as I am quite worried... A reply would be appreciated, thankyou.

Published: May 19

I had gas at the dentists appointment on Monday, and Tuesday I bent over and my lung hurt very bad. I went back to bed. Sunday I had a dry cough, and now have a lot of green phlegm. Pneumonia can come on very fast, within a few days (by my experience).

Comment from: Dianna, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 11

Started with a fever, then chills a sort of dry cough. Now I am on antibiotics, it’s the cough, especially first thing in the morning. Have lack of energy no appetite.

Published: May 22

My husband was hospitalized with double pneumonia and the doctor wants him out of work for 2 months for complete recovery. Short term disability wants him to go back in one month. He went to the doctor 2 days ago and the doc filled out paper work and said he does not want him back to work until june 24. Will short term give us a hard time? The doctor does not want him to have a relapse and he is still weak.

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