Pilonidal Cyst


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Comment from: 2326, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: June 09

I have had three minor surgeries to remove a pilonidal cyst. Within days of the operation it has come back. I have had this issue for over a year now and booked in for surgery for a new procedure called Limberg flap to remove it and all tracks for good. However after it popped two weeks ago it had gone. Wondering if it has healed itself. I’m worried that I won’t go for surgery and then it will grow back. Wonder if anyone had something similar.

Comment from: Steph A L, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 01

I first noticed that I had a nasty painful lump at the base of my spine. The pilonidal cyst had started to ooze pus and it was hard for me to lie down or sit. I kept putting Neosporin on it the next few days. These last few days, it's been bleeding, but not pouring out blood. I went to the walk-in and the doctor noticed that it was not firm, but soft and squishy. The nurse gave me an antibiotic shot in the buttock. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics for me to take 2 times a day for 7 days. I hope that it goes away.

Comment from: BaeGee, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 29

I got my first pilonidal cyst when I was 16. I had it drained 4 times between then and 20. The last time, it was really deep, and the emergency room surgeon butchered me to drain it with absolutely no anesthetic. I urinated on myself and passed out. I still have PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) from that. I had no trouble for almost 6 years after. Now I’m 12 weeks pregnant and just had it drained less than a month ago, but it’s come back, worse than ever before. There aren’t words to describe the pain this time, and I am so scared.

Comment from: Aaron, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: April 21

My pilonidal symptom was rapid swelling over the course of two days. My cyst was large and inflamed, very painful to the touch, even wearing underwear. I was unable to sit or bend over. Felt like a hard lump in my tailbone associated with two large, open pores on the tailbone, presumably the opening to the infected hair follicles.

Comment from: Klb, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 20

My pilonidal cyst caused severe pain, was warm to the touch; and did I say severe pain!

Comment from: Bec, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 11

I've had a pilonidal cyst on my buttock since last 5 days and I'm on day 3 of antibiotics. I've noticed it is getting bigger and it's worse in the night. To top it off I have a water infection as well.

Comment from: Bobbee, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 03

I was working at a really stressful job and had pain on my tailbone. I have had boils before so I thought that was what it was. I soaked in hot baths constantly. Due to the nature of my job I could not go to a doctor for my pilonidal cyst. As gross as it sounds I did manage to lance it. Gross! Pus and blood hit the bathroom floor. But it filled back and one day it burst. Made a huge popping noise and was a mess. But it went away after that and so far no reoccurrence, thank goodness.

Comment from: Timerwander, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 03

I didn’t even know I had a pilonidal cyst and bam, it’s infected. I am a 46 year old female. I do not sit for long periods, I exercise. I do need to lose some weight, which I was doing until this, along with a long illness (ear infections and flu) have kept me from exercising as much past few months. So painful. It is oozing on its own now, but man, it is painful. I thought it would be less painful when oozing but that is negative.

Comment from: KRphd93, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 26

I could not function anymore and noticed a bulls-eye mark above my buttock that was hot to the touch, and I had a fever. Urgent care gave me Bactrim for the pilonidal cyst and that did not help. My primary care physician gave Cipro that cleared the infection and got rid of most pain. I just had surgery a few days ago, my cyst formed a secondary pocket and they had to remove tissue down to my bone. They closed it, but I’m running a low fever, have bleeding, and I’m getting worried I will have to get further treatment. These are no joke, take them seriously!

Comment from: M, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 11

The symptoms of my pilonidal cyst are swelling, redness and worsening pain to the point where I eventually couldn’t stand upright without it being agonizing, or put my full weight on my right leg. It progressed quickly over the course of 3 or 4 days from manageable to needing prescription pain medication.


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Comment from: abezyo, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: January 13

I have always had some sort of pain at the end of my tailbone for the last 2 years. And I could never do a sit up properly whenever I worked out because my tailbone would kill me. I never really did anything about it. Last month, I woke up one morning in pain in the same area. I kind of figured it was the same problem as before. Next day the pain got worse. And throughout the day it got worse. And it got to the point where I couldn't even walk. The only way I could move was hunched over limping. Got to a doctor in a box, diagnosed as a pilonidal cyst. He gave me some pain medicine, made a small slit, and it took him about 15 minutes to drain and he drained about 75 percent of it. He referred me to a surgeon and he had me on antibiotics for 3 weeks as the small slit healed. Now I am scheduled for surgery a week from today and hoping this can go away forever! It still is bothersome.

Comment from: Jrilo, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: October 29

One day I was getting ready for work. I sat down to put socks on and felt that my buttock cheeks were sore. Not something you go around talking about. Next morning I couldn't stand up all the way. The pain I felt was ridiculous. My mom told me to soak for a while in a hot bath. After soaking a few times the pilonidal cyst came to a head and was ready to be popped. I just couldn't see it to get it. Last thing I wanted to ask my girlfriend to do was pop it. The pain was too much and I had to do something. I lay on the bed face down. I gave her a razor and told her to pop it and squeeze it till nothing but blood came out. After it was drained I was able to stand up straight and walk normal and the pain was gone pretty much. Popping and the cyst returning happened back and forth for years. I had surgery, about a 6 inch incision down the cleft. Surgery was awful. I ended up ripping stitches and bleeding for about 4 months straight. Finally after going to the doctor every day and getting my bike painted with silver nitrate, the incision finally healed.

Comment from: Jacey, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 31

At 24 I was pregnant and began having severe pain at the base of my spine. The obstetrician told me he didn't see anything and was still planning to perform the C-section end of the week. Within 2 days I was in the emergency room with several hot, swollen areas above my buttock crease. A surgeon agreed to drain the pilonidal cysts but told me to wait until I had delivered to follow up with him. This procedure took 20 minutes and it was immediate relief. Within 5 months, the same thing happened. This time I called the surgeon's office and the surgery was performed the following day. What a relief, finally. These things are painful and take months to heal.

Comment from: Concerned, 13-18 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 31

My granddaughter, age 17, is going through her first -- and hopefully last -- experience with a pilonidal cyst. She was taken to an orthopedic surgeon thinking she had hit her tailbone. He ordered X-rays, which were negative. He told her to go home and take Tylenol. He never did look at her buttocks area, only felt through her clothes. Two days later, she was in excruciating pain. We took her to a walk-in pediatrics’ office, and we were asked why we waited so long. At that point it was a large, elongated mass starting at the top of her butt and oozing. He did numb the area and excised it. She cried in pain as he was doing this. She had to come back the next three days for him to pack and check it. For the next several days we had to change the packing. She is still in a lot of pain. She was also put on Bactrim. I certainly hope this clears up with no complications.

Comment from: RJ , 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 28

I am 53, and pretty tough skinned. I have had eight major surgeries and this pilonidal cyst, before and now three weeks after, is the worst pain I've ever had. I have a two inch opening that they stuck a wick and gauze in today. Mind you, I've had hip surgery, three spinal fusions, two ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) knee surgeries, and this is terrible. I had surgery on 1/9/19 and probably had one night of sleep since. Because of the whole opioid epidemic, I only got about 10 Norco 5/325 right after surgery. On only Tylenol now.

Comment from: StruggleCity, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: October 01

I got my first pilonidal cyst 6 years ago when I was 22. I was clueless as to what it was but I couldn’t sit or walk at all. I went to an urgent care place and was prescribed Bactrim. Three days later I went to the emergency room to get it lanced and packed. Immediately I felt relief. Now I’ve got another and it won’t drain... I am calling the surgeon tomorrow.

Comment from: YosemiteSamIN, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: September 17

I am pained to read so many horror stories and after doing so I feel so lucky. I first got the pilonidal cyst when I was probably 30 years old. It was terribly painful but I was lucky in that I could always drain it, and it didn't close itself off. It stuck around for a few years but I started to drain it consistently and also use tea tree oil soap along with chlorhexidine soap. I can say that it has totally disappeared and I haven't had a reoccurrence in at least 3 years. I am thankful every day!


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Comment from: Trishy12, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: March 15

I suffer from a disease called hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), which causes large, painful boil-like lesions to form in not-so-nice areas of my body - including my buttocks. So when the pain started at the base of my tailbone 8 years ago, I just figured it was another HS lesion - so when it got big enough and painful enough, I went to the emergency room to have it infused and drained (just like I've done 100 plus times before for the HS lesions). The pilonidal cyst also would come and go (just like HS does) and life went on.

Comment from: Elle, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 28

I am a 70 year old woman who broke her tail bone many years ago when I was dressing my daughter who was a toddler at the time. As I turned to sit down and dress her I didn't aim correctly and instead hit the wooden arm of the couch with my tailbone and my vision went black. I was in intense pain but I recovered and although I had episodes of pain nothing further happened for years. Recently however I began to have pain in the area above the rectum and all of the way to the tailbone itched and felt hot and swollen. After researching on the internet I decided to begin cleaning the area with peroxide. Several days later the pilonidal cyst burst. I am still wondering if it will heal or if I should go to a doctor.

Comment from: 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: May 10

When I was 22 years old I had a terrible pain, it felt like I had a hard fall on my tail bone and bruised it, but I knew I hadn't. It continued to get worse within 36 hours, and at 48-72 hours, I could hardly sit down due to the pain. I went to my primary doctor and they diagnosed it as a pilonidal cyst. Within 24hrs of the onset of pain, onto the right side of my tail bone, I could see in the mirror a slightly raised oval shaped, dark red area in between my butt cheeks that was warm to the touch. The doctor advised it was a cyst I was probably born with, or it may have been caused by a hard fall on my tailbone earlier in life. He advised it would be something I would have the rest of my life, unless I had surgery, and even with surgery the cyst could still return. He prescribed me Augmentin and within days I felt better and the cyst "disappeared". A couple years later it returned and then left with the same treatment. Luckily, I am 36 years old now and have not had a reoccurrence.

Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 23

My first experience with this problem began when I was 13. I went through the process of it swelling and draining for years. I finally had to have the surgery and was told that it had been there since I was born. They had to scrape the hair and bone and the other contents off of my tailbone. They stapled the incision and it became infected. They ripped the staples out and left it open, and it had to be irrigated and packed three times a day. It was quite an ordeal, but I haven't had any problems with that particular one since. I have, however, had problems with others in different places on my body. I have a son who is experiencing the same problem with the pilonidal cyst and will probably have to go through the surgery eventually.

Comment from: 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: April 05

All I read are people getting open excisions and closed excisions, only to keep reading, "It never heals!" Get the cleft lift! It doesn't "deform your butt", it doesn't require a lot of aftercare, and it's done in 45 minutes! I'm still battling my cyst, but if I require a major surgery, cleft lift will be my ONLY choice! I've heard nothing but good about it and no horror stories from it. If that's too extreme, I'm going for "pit picking".

Comment from: Old Hippie, 75 or over (Patient) Published: March 30

I am 76 and am suffering from my first ever pilonidal cyst. It felt as if I was sitting on a golf ball and was extremely painful. Then after several days it burst and was draining. It didn't seem to be getting much better, so as I am diabetic, I went to see my doctor who covered it with a dressing, telling me not to sit very long at a time as that puts too much pressure on it and hinders healing. Well, I am also waiting for a hip replacement operation and because of that, I am unable to stand for long periods at a time -- sometimes hardly at all -- so I have not got the option of "not sitting" for long periods at a time. Even in bed I have to lie on my back all the time, which still puts pressure on the cyst. Sometimes you can't win.

Comment from: StinkButt, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 26

Well I was 19 when I first had the Pilonidal Cyst flair up. It was at the tip of my buttocks and at first it was just a little pain, then it grew over night to about the size of a quarter so I went to the doctor he had to lance it (man did that hurt and the smell ehh) then it came back after I put a hot pad on it so I had to have surgery. They did closed healing which it made my butt look like they closed my butt crack at the top and it’s very embarrassing. Well now 5 years after my surgery and all that it has been flaring up A LOT LATELY. About once a month. It usually drains so I know I will probably have to have the surgery again. It is probably caused with me sitting for a long time driving.

Comment from: Tucson CJ, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 04

I suspected I had some sort of cyst growing over my lower spine. I sensed pressure and had throbbing pain inch its way up my spine to the base of my brain (excruciating). Then it would suddenly stop and rest a bit and restart up the spine again. I was just about to go to the doctor for a diagnosis when I was a victim of a pedestrian hit and run. Along with multiple other problems from the accident I presented to the trauma unit with my lower back "popped wide open". Since it was on my back and all of my other trauma was on the front of my body and a left leg amputation, the "popped open" back went unnoticed. It went necrotic on me. The doctors were sure I had the gaping hole in my back "BEFORE" being hit. I assure you I did NOT. When I was hoisted off of the hospital bed I think we ALL almost died of the God awful smell coming from this site. Again, the most notable symptom for me was the excruciating pain I had crawl up my back, disk by disk until it hit the base of my brain. I also experienced a noticeable swelling at the bottom of my spine. Thank the Lord I healed wonderfully from the awful experience of having the necrotic tissues surgically removed and enduring MRSA which I acquired at the facility. Again, the most notable symptom for me was the excruciating pain I had crawl up my back, disk by disk until it hit the base of my brain. I also experienced a noticable swelling at the bottom of my spine. Thank the Lord I healed wonderfully from the awful experience of having the necrotic tisssues surgically removed and enduring MRSA which I aquirted at the facility.

Comment from: Micheala11 , 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I just got the pilonidal surgery today. My lower back is hurting too.

Comment from: Evil Sister, 19-24 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 13

Not helpful, but my younger sister had a pilonidal cyst, and I nearly had her convinced it was because they screwed up her surgery at birth, when they removed her vestigial tail. Mom asked me to change the dressing once. I could not approach without gagging. The smell was that bad!

Comment from: Dick, 65-74 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 17

In 1953 in Korea I had to be moved to the hospital from the ship. I had the pilonidal cyst surgically removed. The spinal was the worst pain I have ever had. I spent three weeks on ship before returning to my outfit. I was 19 years and have not had a problem again.

Comment from: StevenG, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: June 12

I am 38 years old and I have had this issue for the last 20 or so years. I have never gone to the doctor for it. I usually sit with a heating pad and a wet cloth. It is incredibly painful and the discharge has begun to smell lately, so I'm concerned it is infected. My mother and brother had theirs surgically removed and it has not returned. It seems like the best way to go.

Comment from: notaprettygirl, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 19

I started getting these cysts in my twenties and I’ve had so many I can't count. Usually the flare up would be around my menstrual cycle. I stopped eating all meat 7 years ago and haven't had one. Although, the last week I start to eat eggs. I ate them every morning for breakfast. A week later, I have a cyst again. These things are terrible!!!!!

Comment from: Scott, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: July 30

I'm 30 years old. Last year I had surgery for my cyst. It has returned. It's very red and it's very painful.

Comment from: Female Published: April 23

I had my first one when I was 13 as well, which was strange because I'm neither particularly hairy nor obese. After about seven months of dressing, I had the surgery. Six months after it, came back double the size on the same spot, which was the tip of my scar from the previous operation.

Comment from: 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 18

I was 22 years old and four months pregnant with my first child when I developed my first pilonidal cyst. My doctor gave me an antibiotic and told me it should help. It took a month for it to burst and finally heal up. I thought I was in the clear but then two years later, two months after my second son was born, the cyst came back with a vengeance. It grew to be the size of a golf ball and stood out about an inch and a half on my tailbone. I couldn't sit. I couldn't lie down. Every bit of movement made me miserable almost unbearable pain. My doctor eventually had to lance it. I am now 26 and have another cyst in the same place as the other two times.

Comment from: Patient, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: April 09

I have had my first pilonidal cyst at the age of 27. I am not very hairy, and the doctor thought it's weird that I had it. It started with some pain at the tailbone and within 48 hours the pain became intolerable. That is in addition to the fact that it started draining which i initially though was just a wound back there. Within five days, the doctor performed incision and drainage procedure. I have been changing dressing for two months straight and the doctor kept saying that the wound is clean and there is most likely no need to do the procedure again! However, a clever nurse once asked for permission to dig around in the wound, and she found out that there is some hair. She called the doctor and showed him. He decided to do a surgery one month later. I have just done the surgery and suffering from the daily dressing changes.

Published: June 01

I am 28 years old, and for the last 10 years I have had 7 pilonidal cyst surgeries. I have also had plastic surgery back there to hopefully re-construct the area. I will be honest: leaving them wide open to heal from the inside out NEVER works. Make sure the physician closes the site. I am not over weight and I am not hairy, they told me it was caused by the dimple I had. Now, after having so many surgeries I have severe leg pain in the front of my thighs, I have nerve damage and I can't sit on hard surfaces due to severe scar tissue. I have been on pain medications for the last 10 years and don't know what to do.

Comment from: better, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 28

The pain from pilonidal cyst started one day and just felt like my lower back was hurting. I have scoliosis, so I assumed that’s what my problem was. As the days went by, it became worse and worse to the point where I couldn’t sit; it hurt to walk, and I had trouble even sleeping. I developed a bump at the very top part of my bottom. One day I felt it pop. I went to the emergency room where the doctor informed me I had a pilonidal cyst, so he cut it and drained it. I feel 100% better and after it popped all the pain and pressure on my lower back went away and I feel wonderful. All the information from this website is exactly right from the symptoms to the treatment. Just be sure to go to the doctor!!

Comment from: USCcock, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: May 03

When I first got the cyst, I thought it was a pimple and ignored it because at the time I had really bad body acne. I left it alone for about 2 years and it would swell and go back down. Its normal size was about the size of a marble and it would swell to about the size of a shooter marble. As you can imagine it was very uncomfortable to sit for very long. I had had it for about 3 years and it had never bothered me very bad until I rode a wooden roller coaster at Six Flags. It made my life miserable for about a week then I finally told my mom about the embarrassing cyst on my tail bone. I had been researching it and trying to figure out what it was that was causing me so much discomfort. I went to my pediatrics and they sent me to a surgeon. He numbed and drained it that day (the numbing didn't help, that was the most pain I had ever been in) and scheduled to have it completely removed a couple days later. The surgery did not last very long and I was asleep for the entire thing. They did not close the hole up because they said it was a very dirty part of the body and they didn’t want it to get infected. I didn't feel any pain for the first day or two and then it became very sore. I had to change out the bandages daily. Luckily my best friend’s aunt was a nurse so my mom didn't have to do the dirty work. The only time it ever hurt really badly was when I unpacked it in the shower and when my friend’s aunt put pressure on it when she packed it back. The doctor said it should be completely healed within six to eight weeks. It took mine almost 6 months to completely heal. I lived my life normally while It was healing and when it was done I could do so many more things than I could when I had it. It was a very unwise choice to wait that long. If you have this, I know it is embarrassing but tell someone ASAP. Do not let it get as bad as mine. Life is so much better without it.

Comment from: tcross, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: April 21

I just turned sixteen years old and I started having severe pains three days before my birthday. I could not walk, sit, lie down or do anything pretty much. We went to my doctor early Tuesday morning and he felt the large bump for about two seconds and immediately referred me to a surgeon. I did not have any indication of what it was because I had no boil or anything, just a very large bump. Let me tell you it is one of the most painful things ever. All they do to drain it is numb the area (don’t believe them when they tell you that it does not hurt because it does) and then they slice open the large bump and out it drains. It is still very painful. I recommend lying on your side and lots of hot baths. It helps with the pain.

Comment from: My G-Maxi Hurts, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: April 20

I had been going through a lot of pain for the last week or so, and I thought that I had bruised my tail bone, or even possibly broken it. I couldn't walk without feeling immense pain, I also couldn't even run, jump, sit on my butt, or even sleep without being in pain. I finally went to the doctor to have it checked out, and finally discovered what was causing all this pain. It was a cyst a little bit below my tail bone. I was lucky to have gone in before it burst, and I am so happy to be on the road to recovery.

Comment from: HELP, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 19

I first had my experience with a pilonidal cyst in my early twenties. Having a baby didn't hurt as much as this thing. It was so infected by the time I went to the ER they had to lance it without pain medication, and I almost passed out with pain. To boot they put the drainage on a tray right by my head. This only relieved me a little and I went for the surgery. It was bad they said and I sat on a donut for a long time. There was a sack filled with teeth and hair from when I was a baby. When the Dr. pulled the dressings off that were in the hole, I screamed and cried. Well now twenty years later I feel that tenderness again and I am panicked. I think it is draining though. I started going to a chiropractor and they use this massaging thing up and down my spine including the tailbone.

Comment from: Beaker, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: April 13

My pilonidal cyst would develop and swell for several months before it burst and begin to drain. During the developing stages I would be in extreme pain and it was difficult to sit or lay down on my back. The cyst would then burst and drain sometimes for two weeks. The cyst would heal and it might not develop again for a year or two. Upon the third development I went to a surgeon and had it removed. The flesh that contained the cyst was removed and allowed to heal from the inside out. I had the surgery in 2006 and have not had any problems since. I highly recommend the surgery.

Comment from: tender, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 18

I was 19 when I had my first flare up with the pilonidal cyst. I had fallen on my tailbone with great force and thought I bruised my tail bone. After three days of horrible pain to the tail bone I could not walk, sit, or even lay on the couch. It made me feel very sick with fever, and that is when I decided to go to the ER, where they told me I had this awful thing. They lanced it and drained it, then packed with gauze. I didn't know much about it then and thought I was rid of it and would never have to go through that again oh boy was I wrong! When I was 20 it came back. The area at the top of the buttock was very swollen on both sides. Very Tender. Red. I couldn't sit. This time I knew what was happening and thought I could wait it out. Again I was wrong had to go back to the ER and have it drained and lanced again. The Lancing and draining of the cyst is such a painful experience I cringe just thinking about it. Now I'm 23 and its back again, but this time it’s different. It’s open and draining. Usually, I have to go to the doctor to get it drained but this time it has opened on its own and draining. It's very tender and sore. I'm a receptionist so I sit 8hrs a day which I know doesn't help. I'm really hoping this goes away. I'm terrified to get the surgery and hope I don't have to go through that.

Comment from: Karenina, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 15

Initially I felt tenderness at the base of my spine. Soon it became painful to the touch. It's a tough area to view on one's own so I had my husband look for me. He said there was redness around the area, near the top and some whitish pus oozing out of a white center. I had him apply peroxide on sterile cotton pads and it bubbled quite a bit. He then packed the area with antibiotic ointment and a sterile cotton pad. I am 57 and have had four occurrences of this in my life.

Comment from: 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 11

I’m a 23-year-old female that just had the operation to remove a pilonidal cyst. The surgeon left my hole open to drain and heal on its own. It’s very painful and has to be packed twice a day. I just wish it would go away. I can’t sit or anything for a long period of time.

Comment from: notaprettygirl, Female Published: March 08

I suffered from these cysts for over 15 years of my life. They would usually flair up around my time of the month. Two yrs ago I became a vegetarian and have not had one since. It is amazing. There must be something in the meat. Hope this helps!

Comment from: toto, 45-54 Female (Caregiver) Published: February 05

I first found out I had a PC when I was 17. I just had some tenderness at my tailbone area. I never could see anything, even when it was swollen and tender, (usually caused by sitting down too hard or something like that). I had it lanced and drained once at age 22. That was REALLY painful. Once it was cleared up and no infection was present I had it surgically removed and in 30 years have never had any problems!!! Unfortunately, now I fear my poor daughter has the same thing!!

Comment from: Jennifer, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 26

I have had 5 Pilonidal Cysts surgeries. The first one was when I was 12 and they continued for the next 3 years. All of my surgeries left deep wounds that my mother said could fit both fists into. My cysts were on my tailbone and required part of my tailbone to actually be removed. I still to this day (6 years later) cannot sit without pain or discomfort from nerve damage and I fear these cysts will come back.

Comment from: Relieved, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 26

I just had surgery to remove my cyst, which started out as a regular sore tailbone feeling I have frequently felt from sitting too long. The pain gradually worsened over a week and it felt like my coccyx had dislocated and was angled to the. However, a few days later, when I was in excruciating pain (couldn't sit, stand, walk, or lay down), it had began to surface. The only thing that made me comfortable was to lay on my side in a warm bath. The surgery was uncomfortable (stung quite a bit) but now it feels much better.

Comment from: cystfree, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 21

I got my first pilonidal cyst when I was 19 years old. I only noticed when I tried to sit down how much it hurt. The cyst area was very hard and looked bruised. I went to the doctor, he drained it, but then it came back again and he suggested I have surgery to remove the "pocket". I did have the surgery and the opening was packed with gauze and it healed fine and a year after the surgery I had to have it drained one more time and no problems since then.

Comment from: 13-18 Male (Patient) Published: January 20

I got my first cyst at 14 and never knew it because I have never had pain with my cysts. The only way I could tell that something was up was because of the drainage and the first cyst was infected so you really noticed it. So far I have had about 6 surgeries to get rid of the cysts, but they keep coming back. Because they keep coming back I have grown more aware of the cysts presence and know when it's time to see the doctor. For me it seems that if a sit for long periods of time (ex. 16 hr car drive or 24 hr plane ride). I get a small opening and drainage that don't go away and I know it is back. Also, I have noticed swelling when it comes back. Ever since the first one I keep the area as clean as possible and try to avoid sitting for too long and hope that it goes away for good.

Comment from: 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 08

I have a pilonidal cyst, but at first I thought I had been bit by a spider or something however I've always had a little "tenderness" to my tailbone area. One day, it became red and swollen and the pain was unbearable. I couldn't sit or lay on my back and I couldn't walk without waddling. After going to the doctor, I had it drained and lanced! I feel better and I hope this never happens again!

Comment from: 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: January 05

As a woman, I have had various cysts in varied locations since the age of 13. I have had surgery and oral treatments and both worked for a period of time. I pray that God will remove this infection from my body. Now, this pilonidal cyst that I have now is small in size and is located right at the upper end of the buttock. It’s somewhat painful, but I’m not all that concerned about it. It opens after each hot bath and it drains, but I keep the area clean and covered.

Published: December 29

I had a Pilonidal Cyst a few years ago and had it drained. It came back like they seem to always do, then I had the outpatient surgery. After that, caring for the open wound left in my lower back for months until it healed, I was determined to keep the area devoid of infection.

Comment from: CMH, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 29

I had a pilonidal cyst which turned into an abscess after a violent fall in the shower in 2002. I could not really walk and it hurt to sit. Finally after three days (b/c I assumed it was a bruised tailbone) it grew to the size of a softball. I had to be rushed to the ER to have emergency surgery to open, drain and remove all the infected surrounding tissue. It left a 1-inch deep hole, 2 inches in circumference.

Comment from: 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: December 29

Started out just a red bump that hurt to the touch... within 24 hours it noticeably grew and was on both side of buttocks. Pain was close to unbearable when standing, sitting, or lying in any position other than on my stomach. I was also running a temperature.

Comment from: 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 03

For my pilonidal cyst, my symptoms were extreme pain along my tailbone. I had a big knot. I can not sit or lay down comfortably and it hurts to walk.

Comment from: morgan, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 27

I’m 16 and I’ve had 3 in less than a year. First one, they lanced it. Second one, I had surgery on it. They were supposed to take it all out but the doctor cheated his way through to get his money and only left in the outlining. So now I’m on my third cyst. In pain, so much pain. I’m not able to finish the 10th grade and I only have a week left of school. If the doc had cut out everything (like he was supposed to do) I wouldn’t be in this condition. I don’t want to go through the pain, crying, suffering, etc. I didn’t sleep for 4 days on my second cyst. That’s what’s scaring me the most. I can’t see the doctor until 6 days from now.

Comment from: M, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I experienced pain when sitting on a hard surface and thought I had broken my tailbone while snowboarding and falling on my bottom. The pain persisted for awhile and then I went to the doctor and a quick visual examination identified the pilonidal cyst. This happened when I was 19.

Comment from: 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 14

My name is Nicole and I am right now 18 years old. My pilonidal cysts problem started in high school around 16. After the process of having it surgically removed and heal from inside out I was so behind in school I failed my first class ever. I just got caught up by the end of the year and the cyst was back for finals. The pain after the cyst becomes inflamed is crucial. I can barely turn over laying down. The cyst coming back a second time made me wonder why me? Two days in the hospital and four weeks recovering each time I have been cyst free for two years, but now I think it’s back. I hope I don’t have to battle this whole life. The reason I think it’s back is because this time instead of being dead center pain in the upper buttocks I feel in my left side and leg. I guess I am looking for advice if I should jump the gun and go straight to the surgeon again cause it feels like the same pain or hope it’s something else but either way if anybody had an off center cyst please send comment. I am very sorry for all those out there going through the same thing it is a hard path and I wish you all well and a speedy recovery.

Comment from: SittingPainful, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 19

My experience with the cyst seems to be a little different from the most. It started with what felt like a tiny golf ball under the skin, at the top of my left buttock near the tailbone. It would be tender, but not red or raised, and it would fade away after a few days. It wasn't until after I had a job that required I be on the road driving quite a bit that the cyst came to the surface and opened. Now the site is tender, and slightly inflamed. It's also constantly open and draining. I'm considering my options retreatment, removal and recovery verses care.

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