Multiple Sclerosis


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Comment from: Thomas, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: February 26

First, I had been having a colonoscopy every 3 years because my mother died of colon cancer, but the last time I called to schedule they said I did not need one until 5 years. Four years after the last colonoscopy I had blood in my stool and change in stool. After stool sample, and the doctor leaving the partnership, about 3 months, I was able to see another doctor and have a colonoscopy. They found a 4 cm rectal tumor. After multiple CAT scans, MRI and flexible sigmoidoscopy, I was diagnosed with T3, N0, M0 stage 2 rectal cancer. I wish I had insisted on having the colonoscopy in the third year. It might have reduced the tumor to a stage 1. I have undergone pre-operation chemotherapy (5FU) and radiation, the operation, and now undergoing post-operation chemotherapy (FOLFOX). The moral of the story is do not wait! Get your colonoscopy every 3 years.

Comment from: mom, 25-34 Female (Caregiver) Published: November 28

It took 3 neurologists and careful analysis to figure out that the HPV vaccine caused multiple sclerosis. Very upsetting to this mom and health professional who told many other parents that it was safe and not to worry.


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