Low Blood Pressure (Hypotension)


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Comment from: carol, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: March 13

I have been on medications for high blood pressure. I recently stopped smoking and went to decaf coffee now my blood pressure is too low for me. I am light headed and dizzy. For some 107/53 may not be a problem but for me it is.

Comment from: 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: August 27

I typically have high blood pressure which has at times gone up to 218. I take Hyzaar 100/25 daily to maintain my pressure at around 130/90. The first time I went for surgery my blood pressure hit the floor, I never was told how low it went but low enough to stop the surgery and I had to have a cauterization before they would consider surgery. This has happened several times and once the surgical nurse caught it before I went into surgery and they gave me an IV which brought it back up and I was able to continue on and have the surgery. So, now when I go for surgery and must fast from midnight I cannot take the Hyzaar, for that day only I take Cozaar which is the same except for the diuretic and I notate on my history that I should have an IV started prior to anesthesia. Since I have bladder cancer I have had multiple surgeries and this has helped surgical delays.

Comment from: judyr, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: August 27

My husband is 53 years old, and an insulin dependent diabetic since 1994. He is a landscaper, weighing about 155 lbs and is 5'7 or 8 so is very active from sun up to sun down. His blood pressure was normally like 100/70. About a year ago the doctor put him on lisinopril for his kidneys. (this is a blood pressure medication), I take it to lower mine. Now he is coming home very, very tired (which has to do with the heat in Arizona, and how hard he works), but also complains of headaches. Definitely stays hydrated. Does not drink alcohol or smoke. He took his blood pressure today and it was 90/61. Is this too low, should we be concerned. The doctor never says anything when asked if this is OK. All he says is I wish all my patients had this good of blood pressure.

Comment from: TheOldMan, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: July 11

A massive pulmonary embolism dropped my blood pressure to 70/30 at presentation after which it dropped even more.

Comment from: Spartan, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 31

I suffered from low blood pressure during pregnancy. I went to a doctor who took tests and told me I had low red blood cell count and I experienced a lot of fatigue, heart palpitations and dizziness.


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