In Vitro Fertilization (IVF, Artificial Insemination)


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Comment from: Surbhi Jain, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: April 13

I am a 36-year-old woman who, like every other woman, always wanted to have a baby. During the first four years of our marriage, we didn't have a child by choice. After four years, my husband and I decided to have a family and tried to conceive normally. For the next year, we didn't get any result so we visited a gynecologist. She made us go through many examinations and medications, which affected our health, as well as our pockets, and we were not getting any results. We then visited an infertility expert. First thing she said was for us to not be stressed, as stress impacts the fertility and causes a delay in conceiving. She assured us that very soon we will have our own baby. After many tests, we decided to go for the IVF procedure. The result was positive, and now we have a healthy 18-month-old baby boy.


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