Hypopituitarism in Children


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Comment from: Rachel, 7-12 Male (Caregiver) Published: April 04

My child was born with 11 sugar level and was immediately sent to NICU where he stayed for two weeks with them not knowing what was wrong. They sent my son home to follow up with a different specialist for his kidneys because he had jaundice for days. They tried all kinds of medicine to try to flush the kidneys and they almost did a blood transfusion all due to his sugar levels. Once he saw the specialist for his kidneys they noticed his low level in the thyroid which then had a red flag and had me follow up with endocrine. He was seen when he was two months and had an MRI from which we came to find out his pituitary gland was partially deformed. He is cortisone dependent, takes a thyroid medicine and also a growth hormone. My son has a lot of skin issues like eczema and some severe allergies. I do not think this hypopituitarism is common and do not believe the doctors think that replacing the cortisol with a pill and him taking it a couple times a day makes up what he doesn't produce every day.

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