Hemoglobin A1c Test (HbA1c)


Are the test results for your HbA1c levels high? If so, what things have been helpful in lowering your HbA1c blood levels and are they working? Submit Your Comment

Comment from: Terry, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: November 29

I am 33 years old, I was diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago with an HbA1c of 7 percent. I was overweight, so far I have managed to cut down 13 kg having observed my diet very keenly. I don’t eat white bread, white rice, refined maize floor, no cereals but eat only black peas which never spikes my sugar. I do exercise 30 minutes every day, take plenty of water, no sugars and I am not on any medication. My HbA1c is now at 5.9 percent, a great improvement, and I look forward to tightly controlling it.

Comment from: daMox, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 23

I have type 2 diabetes, plus cholesterol, fatty liver, arthritis, and hiatal hernia, so I have to take lots of medications. Went from blood sugar in the 200s and 9 percent in my hemoglobin A1C to 120s and 6 percent in 4 months. I'm taking glipizide and metformin twice a day, eating as little carbohydrates as possible and dramatically smaller food portions (it's so hard!) and working out 5 days a week for 30 to 40 minutes. Metformin and walking every day didn't do anything; I had to do more. Doctors tell you you're ok if your HbA1c is under 7 percent, but it's not. Try to get as close to normal level as you can! No carbs, small portions, medicines, and as strenuous exercise as you can stand it. It is hard but it might extend your life and you'll feel better. Take care everybody!

Comment from: jserra, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: October 08

In July 2015 I went to see my doctor for shoulder pain. Doctor told me to do a blood test since I had not seen her for 3 years. After two days the nurse called me and said I have diabetes 2 and ask me to pick up my medicines (metformin 500) at the pharmacy. My HbA1c was 10. I went on a diet of no rice, no bread, no pasta, no sodas, and no sweets and ate small portions at a time. I exercised everyday on stationary bike for 30 minutes. I took the metformin 1 after breakfast and one after dinner. After two months I had an appointment with my doctor and had blood test and went down to HbA1c 7.7. Yesterday I had another lab test and my results came out today 10/07/15 HbA1c 6.7. I hope in a couple of months my doctor will let me stop taking metformin.

Comment from: Nathan, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: September 25

I have HbA1c 5.8 percent, I am not sure if it is normal A/C ratio. Requirement for visa application is to pass the medical exam but the immigration need 5.7 percent.

Comment from: ashish, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: April 03

Last week I found that my fasting sugar is 348 and my HbA1c test report is 13.

Comment from: Kakkanttil, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: October 24

The HbA1c level shot up to 13 in a matter of 6 months.

Comment from: glorea, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 07

I have hypothyroidism and an elevated HbA1c of about 10. I have no symptoms for diabetes.


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