Heel Spurs


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Comment from: SWAY, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 30

I had a lateral knee replacement on my right knee in March 2016. About 2 months after I started having problems with my right foot and the back of my heel was swelling up. I spoke with the surgeon and he said just stretch so I did. After 3 months it was so bad the back of my heel looked purple so I went to the hospital. They aspirated it and gave me a cortisone shot and said I have a large horn on the back of my heel. I have been stretching, icing and still trying to walk with little success. I was prescribed orthotic shoes and the woman, after the second attempt to make them fit, said there is no way we can do this until I get the back of my heel fixed as it was still growing and now I have spurs all around the bottom of my heel. We are now in 26 May 2017 and I am still waiting for someone to help me fix this problem. I can't even go up and down stairs properly. I wasn't obese until now and I walked 10 km every day before all of this. Now I have trouble walking to the corner! I am at a loss now!


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