Genital Herpes in Women


What treatments have helped reduce or treat outbreaks of genital herpes?

Comment from: HacheEssVeeTwo, 35-44 Male (Patient) Published: October 07

I see 85 comments and all women. Me too. I'm 37 and I had oral sex with a guy who had a cold sore. I had no idea this could happen! It is awful, knowing you have this forever, but it's not the end of the world and the guy that sticks with you after learning this, is going to be awesome. Don't feel bad. You're a good person. I'm taking L-lysine. This can honestly happen to anyone. Keep smiling.

Comment from: Kxxxx, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: April 29

I have suffered with genital herpes for a couple of years now and was put on acyclovir for suppression, which to date hasn't worked great for me. It helps slightly in an outbreak but other than that I feel like I'm almost always having an outbreak. I have not felt right for a while. I tried creams, acyclovir, and it just doesn't seem to be helping a huge deal. My current partner has been super supportive, but I still feel awful about myself as I feel it won’t go away.

Comment from: Au, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 05

My genital herpes started off with a fever, chills, and feeling very weak for 2 days and now, (5 days after sex) I’m in the most pain I’ve ever been in. I have blisters and sores around my vagina that tingle and sting even when I’m not moving. I can’t sit or even walk without pain. I was given medication yesterday and I can only hope it starts to work soon. Very upsetting finding out I have herpes so young, I feel like I’ll never be able to have casual sex without making it weird talking about to a future partner.

Comment from: Teri, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 19

I tested positive for HSV type 2, genital herpes, months ago. I have had some sort of itching every day for months but not to the point where it was unbearable. I been to 3 doctors and they all said I can’t receive medicines because I never had sores. My boyfriend has it as well, I don’t know who gave it to who. I’m scared to do anything now because they said itching is a sign of an outbreak.

Comment from: Lanice, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 10

I am a 33 year old female who was diagnosed with genital herpes last year. I got it from my boyfriend who knew he had it. To say the least I dumped him, and it was a way for him to trap me. Well, I had an outbreak yesterday. It was a small bump and I put pure tea tree oil on it and the bump went away within 24 hours.

Comment from: Devastated , 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: October 27

I haven’t got a diagnosis of genital herpes but I know what is happening to my body and I’m utterly devastated. I know the person who gave this to me knew they had it as I saw in their bathroom what I now know to be herpes treatment. They were intimate with me anyway. I am single and have other health challenges and feel I will now be alone forever, no one is going to consider me an attractive option. I don’t even feel that way about myself. I’m in mental and physical pain.

Comment from: Suzie, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 09

I am 26 and I just found out that I have genital herpes, an hour ago. The doctor knew I was concerned and was waiting for my lab results. I just knew in my gut that I had it; the unbearable feeling when I try to walk or sit down. When I use the bathroom it hurts so bad it feels like someone is setting my vagina on fire! I’m picking up my medicines and the ointment tomorrow. I’m so numb to everything right now.

Comment from: 1111, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 28

I found out I had genital herpes today. It started as what my gynecologist and I thought was a yeast infection, but the pain and burning only got worse. I feel like I’ve been hit with a truck. I have a constant fever, cannot eat, and fainted today. I was prescribed lidocaine numbing cream for my lesions, and medication for 7 days. I know it will get better, but I honestly have never been in so much pain. I’ve lost 7 pounds in the past 3 days because I cannot stomach any food or liquids.

Comment from: Curious, 55-64 (Patient) Published: June 17

I am 64, haven’t had sex for over 5 years, and now diagnosed with herpes. How is this possible!

Comment from: Maybay23, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 03

I had my first outbreak of genital herpes which was about 14 days long and very painful. It is now a year later and I am having another which is due to fatigue from work and school. It’s mild a and unnoticeable. I don’t take suppressive medicines. I prefer natural, just aloe vera on the lesions and healthy eating and Epsom salt baths. It goes away on its own and I seldom have outbreaks; 1 a year if that. Just keep stress low, eat healthy and remember you are not alone. More people have it than you think. You will get through it.


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Comment from: Shelby , 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 12

I’m 21. I just found out I had genital herpes this week. I cried so much. I’m trying to get through the first outbreak. It’s horribleā€¦ especially when I urinate! The hospital gave me numbing cream and so far it’s helping with the pain. The only problem is I have to reapply it every 2 hours. I’m also on my period so I wear a tampon and a pad just to keep the area clean. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Drinking a lot of water helps dilute my urine so it’s not as painful.

Comment from: T, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 08

Recently I have been diagnosed with HSV genital herpes. A partner passed it along orally due to cold sores. I’m sure it was shedding, though there was not anything visible. I was treated for yeast infection but it never cleared. Finally I got tested for every STD in the book. I am now diagnosed for 30 days. I am in a dark state. I have passed shock but now I’m still in anger mode. I am in the medical field so I choose to take Valtrex each day. Symptoms are gone now I am trying to cope and seek homeopathic methods as well.

Comment from: Melissa, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 06

I recently was told I have HSV infection but my obstetrician/gynecologist has never seen a sore or a blister in my vaginal region, I have just redness, inflammation, itching and burning. Now I take Valtrex Flagyl, and Diflucan for genital herpes because it started out as a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis infection and urinary tract infection. Then the doctor said I tested positive for HSV infection and trichomonas, but I need to know what to do while taking pills, what I can use to help the itching and burning. I see yellow infection, and discharge leaking.

Comment from: JustLiving, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 12

I tested positive for genital herpes when I was 16 years old and had not even had vaginal sex yet. My one and only boyfriend never showed any signs or symptoms and we only had oral sex, but that was enough to spread it. My first outbreak was brutal and I had the worst flu-like symptoms and was in so much pain. My doctor treated me for a yeast infection and when that did nothing finally had me swabbed to find out it was herpes. The sores were so painful and seemed to take forever to heal. Ever since the first outbreak I have only had about one a year for about 6 years then almost none at all. With the help of my doctors and Valtrex I have been able to safely give birth vaginally to two children who have not contracted it from me. My husband and I have been married for 10 years now and he has never shown any signs or symptoms. My problem is I don’t have the warning signs of when I am about to have an outbreak, which makes taking the preventive pills hard. Stress is the worst for us! My advice is to do whatever you need for stress management and keep in tune with what is normal for your body.

Comment from: anddlm16, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: April 08

When I was 16, I met my boyfriend who was 15 at the time. His ex had herpes and didn't tell him. Then he had a breakout, but we didn't know what it was until after it went away. We had sex a few days after that. I was itching all the time. I went to the doctor to find out I had herpes. My doctor gave me valacyclovir, and I been taking one pill a day for the past two years. I am married now and have a healthy pretty daughter. I haven’t had a breakout yet.

Comment from: staycoolandcalm, 65-74 Female Published: March 10

I have had genital herpes for 35 years. I married my husband 25 years ago, and he never contracted it. I have breakouts very seldom, as I try to stay calm. I find that if I get really upset about something, I have a breakout. I use Vaseline on the lesion when I do have an occasional breakout.

Comment from: Quietgirl, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 31

I have only had 2 partners in my lifetime at 27. I met this guy after my relationship ended and we dated for 2 months. He broke out with what we thought was a pimple on his lip one day (cold sore). We made out, I gave oral, and had unprotected sex. Two days later I am in the worst pain and doctors tell me I have HSV 1. I was given valacyclovir for 10 days and the pain from genital herpes has gone away. I wish I wore a condom. Told me to trust him, that he was clean. I was so naive. I have been emotional but every day I am getting better.

Comment from: Bluebird, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 12

I believe I was infected with HSV2 when I was 19 from my past boyfriend but never knew I had it. I got married at 24 and still married for 19 years. My husband does not have it, nor does my son. But when I reached 40s I have more than 12 breakouts a year (from only having 2 to 5 a year). I do not take medicine but I just started using Herp-B-Gone ointment. If this works I will write another comment, to try and help those in the same situation.

Comment from: mortified, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 19

I thought I had a urinary tract infection, and waited 2 days before I went to the doctor. Urination was extremely painful. I could hardly release more than a couple of drops. It hurt enough that I had to white-knuckle the counter top when I went. I went to the doctor, who did a dip stick test, showed blood and bacteria in the sample. I was put on an antibiotic. Within 3 days of using, I broke out in what looked like a diaper rash on my bottom, between the cheeks. I got a large blister on my inner upper thigh. I went back to the doctor and was put on a different antibiotic after another culture was done. Vaginal area was inflamed and swollen, it hurt when anything put pressure on the area. I finished medications as directed. I still had rash on my bottom which changed into hive like bumps that itched terribly. I went back to the doctor for a 3rd time, and was told it looked like I had more than one issue going. I was given an oral anti-viral prescription and topical cream for the rash/hives. Also, I had some blood drawn. Eleven days later I got a letter from the doctor stating results positive for recent outbreak of genital herpes (HV2). My husband and I have been extremely careful for the last 40 years. My luck ran out apparently. Right now things are swollen and itchy, this has been going on now for 15 days. I go back to the doctor on Friday for a follow up visit to discuss my options. I don't see any myself, HV2 is a virus, viruses mutate. Not likely a cure will be found, so will just have to deal with it. For your information, my husband acquired the virus when he was in his early 20s.


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Comment from: Terrified, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 04

I am only 13 years old and was diagnosed with genital herpes yesterday. I don't sleep around; I think that's why it shocked me the most. It was probably the worst day of my life. I can't explain the pain I'm in. I can only go to the bathroom when I put freezing gel on my vagina. I have to take 4 pills a day for 10 days. I'm disappointed in myself for not insisting on a condom. It feels like I got hit by a bus, my whole body hurts. I have a headache, fever, joint pain, and swollen glands. I have found that the gel works very well but only freezes it for about 20 minutes.

Comment from: anonymous, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: March 01

I'm 16 years old, and almost two months ago I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes. I have never slept around, which is probably why I'm struggling so much with this news. So far, I've only had one out break. I had a 100 degree fever, sore muscles and joints, itching, burning and my anxiety was acting up. My sores were never bumps. It started with one, and then another open sore appeared. My doctor prescribed me valtrex (2 times a day for 10 days) but my sores cleared up in about 4 days. When I broke the news to my mom, I thought she would pass out. Thankfully, my parents have both been extremely supportive, and I really don't know what I'd so without them. I think that I'm finally beginning to accept it for what it is, now that I know that I'm not alone.

Comment from: Christy84, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 13

I was 21 when I got the virus from a guy that I met at college. Before we met he had brought up the issue of being called a name because of his popularity with the girls, but it never registered in my mind because I thought of him as the perfect guy. We later became a couple and were always intimate with one another until I one day got this horrible feeling that led me to my gyno. The one thing I dreaded of having, Herpes. I never thought that I would be the one to catch this but it happened. Although I was horribly angry with him and myself, I accepted that it would never go away. Now I'm taking my medicine and staying healthy as I can. I do get outbreaks every now and then but not as bad. My dating life is good, I just try to be careful and let the person know of my sexual history. Even though it sounds scary to tell, it's important to let the person you love know. If they are mature, they'll understand and love you anyway. To those who have it, good luck with life and remember that you're not alone.

Comment from: patient, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 20

I am 22 and just found out today that I have genital herpes. I am saddened, to say the least. I don't know where it came from, whether I had it from someone I was with, or my boyfriend I'm with now got it from someone and he gave it to me. I just know that it is a scary feeling to know you have to live with it forever. I am going to pick up some topical cream and some pills in a little while. I just got the blisters yesterday, so I have some time before it starts healing. I'm hoping the pills and cream work well, because it is very painful.

Comment from: lost, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: November 15

I’m 22 years old I found out I had herpes last month that was the worst day of my life, my body froze. I was so hurt and I’m still hurt, but now I am coping with it. I was very disappointed with myself because I’m a nursing student and I have done research about this disease. My boyfriend of five years gave me this disease. I knew it was something wrong with him because we stop having sex for a while then when we finally had sex three days later, I had flu like symptoms and it was taking my body a long time to get rid of the flu. Then I had a small cut on my rectum. When I got examined my doctor had a hard time getting a sample from the cut for the culture because it was invisible. I told my boyfriend about it he gave me support, but have not been tested for it yet. I’m starting to hate him because I’m starting to think he gave this to me on purpose so I wouldn’t want be with anyone else.

Comment from: Katherine, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 12

I contracted herpes from one of my very first lovers when I was 19. We dated quite a while before I contracted it, and when I did it was only one small lesion. I rarely break out and when I do it's usually stress related. Often have difficulty recognizing the symptoms with certainty. Which leads to a constant fear. My heart goes out to chose who have a worse case then mine! In the 20 years that I've been infected I have never, to my knowledge infected a man even (in long term relationships) when there was a small lesion that was visible. I use alcohol on the area the moment I suspect an outbreak. Wish me luck. I'm in love and scared to tell him! We waited two years to be together!

Comment from: sarahc2, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

I am 35 and single. I had unprotected sex with a guy that I had known from high school. I had asked him what the dry patches were around his penis, and he said, “They are dry patches from the medication I am on." So, I believed him. That was stupid of me to believe him. Then I went to the doctor and found these "dry patches" on me. Yup, it was herpes. This is awful and very hard for me to deal with. I am on my third round of Valtrex. I know this will clear up, and I will be able to have sex again, but in the meantime, it is very frustrating. Will I be able to find a man that can handle this?

Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 28

I am a soon to be 60 year old woman. Four years ago I began having symptoms of genital herpes. I have not been sexually active for about ten years. The person that I know I got it from told me he had herpes, but not until we had already been intimate. He was positive that if he was not in the middle of an outbreak that he couldn't infect me. I knew otherwise, broke up with him, and waited. That was over 20 years ago and I have had one other long-term relationship since. The doctor says that I apparently had the virus for all that time but just never had an outbreak. Now, I am aware of an onset of the disease but I choose not to take any medicine because my incidences seem to be every two years. During the first 24-36 hours I feel like I had been run over by a Mack truck. The first time it occurred I was clueless. I began violently shivering, fever ran up to 103 degrees, sweating, just horrible!! Now, at the onset, I still have the same symptoms but they have eased up a bit. The body soreness remains, as does the fever. The shivers are not as bad. I am so happy to read that some people are able to find partners who don't feel the need to run in the other direction....I wish I was that lucky.

Comment from: FLGirl87, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 20

I just recently got checked out last week and the doctor told me I was infected with herpes type 2. I had no idea where I got it from. I was dating someone at the time and we dated for 3 1/2 months but we ended up breaking up but not because I told him I had the herpes. He took it pretty well which shocked me because I know how people react when you tell someone you've been infected with herpes. Now he's got to go and get checked out but every time is telling me he might have given it to me, but didn't want to say anything. We never used condoms and I feel really stupid for not protecting myself. I don't have the herpes on my vagina, well a few small sores but I have breakouts near the rectum area but I don't do it in that particular spot during intercourse. My ex asked me if I thought he gave it to me but I told him I don't know! I knew something was wrong because I was feeling flu like symptoms for 2 weeks and was having trouble urinating and going to the bathroom.

Comment from: BillieR., 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: August 24

About 6 months ago I had my first herpes outbreak, at first it was a lot of itching and I thought I was having another yeast infection, but after the yeast infection treatment didn’t work and the itching still remained I knew it was something else. That’s when little bump like blisters would start to appear in the vaginal area. I was in denial about it at first until I went to a clinic and a doctor looked at it and said it definitely looked like an outbreak. I was so in shock that she never even actually tested me for herpes, so until this day I have not been diagnosed but the symptoms seem like herpes symptoms ,anyway, I’ve learned that taking your prescription medicine and drinking lots of water help the outbreaks clear faster and reduces the pain to little or none! Also try putting camphor phenique on the blisters, reduces the pain and help them heal faster. Hope I helped some of you, if you're religious keep praying to God because he is healer of all. Trust Him.

Comment from: Rufus, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 29

I am 56 years old and I had started itching. For years off and on I have had outbreaks of vaginitis. It was the time for my annual physical and I told them of my symptoms. I went through a whole tube of Vagisil. They took blood work and cultures, gave me something to numb the area. Results came in today, I have type 2 Herpes. I am lucky I told them because I usually just try to fix it myself. The sad part is that I am not sexually active. I am divorced 12 years now. It's pretty frightening. I urge everyone to get checked.

Comment from: Kam3095, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 20

I went to the clinic and got told I have genital herpes. I was shocked, upset and angry. I broke down and all this time I’ve been walking round like nothing was wrong, like I was fine. But I am seeing someone, I have slept with him, yes, my fault using no protection, but I wasn’t aware of the situation. But now I’m frightened, as I’ve taken tests again, that they’ll show positive, but it’s breaking the news. But the doctors said he might have a urinary tract infection as he just has burning when urinating.

Comment from: SAR, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 26

I’m 22. I’m embarrassed, I’m scared and emotionally drained. I have a 1 year old baby boy and I am a model. I started having symptoms of genital herpes last week and I thought it was a yeast infection! I got tested and I had chlamydia. I told my doctor about the bruises and bumps in my vaginal area, he examined me and said it was a 95 percent chance what he’d seen was herpes I’m panicking, I feel alone and I wanted to give up so bad, but my son is counting on me.

Comment from: Annon19, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 31

I contracted HSV 1 eight years ago when I was 22. As it so often is I had a horrible first breakout of genital herpes, then for 8 years I have never had a single breakout until now. I almost kind of forgot I had it, it's been that long. Now I have a new partner of 3 years and I'm beyond scared to tell him I'm not having sex because I'm having an outbreak. I just don't know what to do.

Comment from: Taylor, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 27

I ended a long term relationship and a year later I went to the doctor and got a full workup so I could share with my potential partner and he would share his with me. This was my first one. To my surprise my results came back that I had been exposed to herpes. I had never had an outbreak and my doctor advised that it is possible I never would. I have read so much on the STI and feel there is no safe way not to expose my partner when I don't know when it can by skin.

Comment from: Pleasse, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 26

I am 22 years old and had a gynecological appointment about 3 hours ago. I have a cut on my clitoris that I assumed was from rough sex last week. After examining, the doctor said it looks like a genital herpes outbreak. I started uncontrollably sobbing. I don’t know for sure and won’t know for sure until I take a test. She assured me it could very well just be a cut but she’s been doing this 30 years and knows what herpes looks like. I am taking a test next week. Please wish me luck.

Comment from: Neversaynever, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: May 22

I was 14 when I had an outbreak of genital herpes. It was very severe, extreme. At that time only cream was available. Still it was unbearable. I was vomiting sick (neon color) too the first time. It returned but not like the 1st time, but monthly for 6 years. Then it was gone for 20 years. No symptoms until my 40s, then once every couple of years or longer but stopped before becoming a full blown outbreak. It was only annoying except for the 1st time, until now. This time I was very sick, same neon vomit experience (same time of day too) as that of the 1st time. My head hurts, and I have pain in my back. Gland is huge as the 1st time, 1 bump, but no outbreak.

Comment from: Jstkdng, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: December 13

I've been dealing with this struggle since I was 18, now I'm 21. I take the medications I need to and I just try to remain healthy, I go to the gym, eat right and drink a lot of water. I do sometimes have a few breakouts here and there, sometimes really bad on my skin sometimes I think it is acne and then I put it together; during women's time of month it can be bad.

Comment from: Lovely2, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 15

Today I received some news I thought I would never hear – I have herpes. I was with my ex for two years and he was sneaky, but I didn’t think he would cheat. Silly me – to be so naive back then. It's been a whole year, and now I've been in a relationship for seven months and I hope I didn't infect my partner. I have to sit him down and talk to him because I'm not sure if it was him that gave it to me or my ex. I will be starting Valtrex tomorrow.

Comment from: godislove, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 14

I was just diagnosed with herpes type 2 today. After my doctor gave me the news, I became overwhelmed – I had knots in my stomach and was trying to hold back my tears ‘till after leaving the clinic. Right now, I am still dealing with my emotions, just constantly thinking of this and how I'll be with this forever. No matter if it worsens throughout my life or not, I am afraid. I am also pregnant, and I don't even know how to tell my baby's daddy when he gets home. I've been sexually active for five years and have no idea when or where I got this.

Comment from: Shellie, Published: June 09

I am 21 years old and today I had my first doctor’s appointment for vaginal purposes. When I woke this morning, I realized that I had sore bumps around my vagina and it hurt to pee. I couldn't take the pain anymore, so I called the doctor to get put in today. Luckily there was a space open for me. After the doctor took a look, she told me that it was probably herpes, but she won't be for sure until she gets a blood test done. I was heartbroken. I haven't been sexually active for 3 years and it all of a sudden shows up? My doctor prescribed Valtrex and I started taking it today. Please pray for me that it’s not herpes...although, Ido feel all your pain.

Comment from: Grandmaw, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: April 19

I've had herpes for 33 years. My husband gave it to me a short time after we married. He said he didn't know he had it, but I surely know I have it. It's very painful and I have breakouts several times a year. I use Lysine ointment from GNC for the sores and take lysine capsules, 2 per day during breakout and the sores go away pretty fast. The first GYN I asked about it said, “Oh, you just have herpes,” and didn't offer any meds. I've never mentioned it to any other doctor so don't take prescription medications for it.

Comment from: MMM, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 05

I contracted genital herpes from my current husband 12 years ago. He is asymptomatic. On the other hand, when I am under a lot of stress, I start having horrific back pains and I know that is sign of a break out. I take daily medicine for this, but the stress this time is severe. I break out in different places, I got a new hot spot right above my belly button, I have also gotten it in my chest, plus the obvious places. I am very careful to change towels every time I know I have an outbreak and use a smaller towel for the affected areas which I also change.

Comment from: nirad, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 04

I was diagnosed with herpes approximately 1 year ago when I was dating my boyfriend at the time. I have only had one outbreak, so my doctor did not prescribe any medication because it seems to be very mild.

Comment from: applea, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 04

I've had it since 1971...only passed it on to one partner, right after I contracted it. It’s best to catch and outbreak early. Why doesn't somebody develop a vaccine so people won't keep on getting this? It is literally a pain where you don't appreciate it.

Comment from: Misz.Pain, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 11

I am a 22 year old single mother of 2. When I was pregnant with my second child I found out that I that I had HSV-2. I could not use the restroom at all without crying so I was stuck with a catheter for 3 weeks. It’s been difficult but taking the medicine makes it a little better but I am still looking for different ways to stop the pain if I happen to have a break out.

Comment from: Survivor, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: November 29

It is Thanksgiving, and I was just diagnosed at 43 with type 2 herpes. I feel that the statistics I read are astounding and wonder how they can be accurate if so many people may be unaware that they have it and are therefore spreading this virus? How can one prevent it if condoms are not foolproof? As far as I can tell by what I have read, abstinence is the ONLY way to prevent transmission. I fear the studies are true, yet there must be millions more cases yet unknown due to an infected person being unaware they are a carrier. It seems to me that this is an epidemic with no end in sight. I, as others I have read about, have no idea who I contacted this from and fear that the infected person who gave it to me may not even know they are infected or for how long I have been a carrier? So it is hard for me to be angry or point fingers and also useless at this time. Even if you have sex with one person, you have to think of everyone you've ever had sex with and everyone they’ve ever had sex with to figure out the puzzle. I woke up two weeks ago with a cold sore on my bottom lip followed by a small, nickel-sized cluster of pimples on my upper groin (where one would shave for bikini time)that broke open and then crusted over. I had no other symptoms, plenty of energy, no illness at all, just the blistered area that I questioned. I was given Valtrex today to take four pills a day for 10 days. So time will tell how my body will react. I've been happily married for 18 years. Research will ease your mind and know that you obviously are not alone and this condition is shared by millions.

Comment from: single4ever, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 23

I had my first outbreak last Feb. after a very long time of high stress that wore out my adrenals which lowered my immunity, and after no sex for 13 years, so it was laying dormant. Evidently it can do that for decades or forever. The outbreak has not stopped for almost 10 months now and the pain is a level 7-10 24/7. I cannot take pain pills at all and they do not have any pain meds for nerve pain anyway. I was an athlete before this and now my life is at a standstill. Ice helps. Since 85% of America has it actively and since it can lay dormant I'm thinking the number is a lot higher, they'd better take some of that war money and solve this disease. Because almost everyone has it, there's no reason to be ashamed about it. I won't date again, (once this pain is gone I'm never waking up that part of my body again), but for those who are, anyone you date probably has it too. Strengthen your adrenals which will keep your immunity strong, believe me, you do NOT want to have to play catch up as I am.

Comment from: c(:, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: November 11

I’m 17 years old. This summer, I found out I had genital herpes. I started itching, and I told my mother to take me to the doctors, and we went, but they didn’t say what it was. I came home and took an extremely hot bath. I thought I needed to soak and do some deep cleansing. That night, in my sleep, I could feel myself itching throughout the night. That morning in school, I could feel the itching sensation, but I never scratched. Later when I got to work, the urge for me to scratch was extreme. I was so embarrassed. I had sex with two partners in my life. I feel so foolish to not press the issue of wearing a condom. When I found out, I didn’t cry. I wasn’t sad. I was disappointed in myself, but that was my life changing moment. No one knows besides my mother. I just hope I can find that person who accepts me, especially at my age while in high school.

Comment from: AGM, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

Well let’s see I am 31years old I got the Herpes Virus very Young at the age of 16 years old by someone who knew they were infected. I will not say it has been an easy road I shared my secret even before a kiss. I Know when my body is having an outbreak or going to have an outbreak I will never do to someone what was done to me. I have been with same man now 9 years he has never got the virus we have 2 beautiful children who I had C-section because I did not want a chance of passing this illness to them. I take a anti toxin and some supplements that help as well every day to flush out my system and try to stay any from stress the preventive MEDs don’t work For me not saying they won’t or don’t or will not work for someone else just I have found a everyday more natural thing works for me. Please stay strong believe In yourself and your relationship but most of all stay honest and true this happened to me almost 16 years ago and it still affects me today.

Comment from: punkin, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: October 12

I contracted herpes simplex 2 when I was 16 from the first boy I ever had sex with. I am now 22. I very seldom have outbreaks, but when I do, I have found that drinking plenty of water and getting rest helps a lot. Also, this may sound a little bit crazy but putting athlete’s foot cream on the lesions really helps with the pain.

Comment from: Horrified, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: July 26

I found out today that I have genital herpes. I had to tell my boyfriend/fiancé of nine years that I have it. He is the only person that I have been with in the past nine years, so this is totally bewildering to me. According to my physician, she says that I must have contracted the virus years ago because to this day I have not had an outbreak, only very mild "itching," which I thought was normal, but as it happens, it is not. I am horrified, scared, and embarrassed. This may not be the end of the world as I know it, but it sure changes the way I look at things!

Comment from: HurtButHopeful, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: April 09

I am 31 years old, pregnant and was just diagnosed with genital herpes. Although I’m hurt to find this out at my age, I wanted to find the best possible treatment and ways to help cope with this disease. I have found that, although a little painful at first, using an alcohol pad to help keep the affected area clean and germ free also helps to dry the blisters a little faster. I also sleep without undergarments on; the air also helps the affected area dry to heal quicker. Also, nutrition and rest are important to manage this illness. It can be annoyng, but it's not the end of the world. Hope this might help you as well.

Comment from: Victorious, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 12

Applying aloe vera gel on the sores tends to help speed the healing process and minimize the pain tremendously.

Comment from: 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: May 31

I am an 18 year old female, who found out I had herpes two weeks ago. I have known the guy I got it from for 4 years. I have been sleeping with him on and off for that entire time. I have had a boyfriend for the last five months and we recently had a falling out, so I got drunk and became intimate with the other guy. 3 days later I started having an outbreak. It didn’t help that I had strep throat at the same time. I felt so bad, the fever was unimaginable. I blame myself because I knew the guy slept around A LOT. I did it anyways. My boyfriend ended up finding out by going on my facebook. That was an awful day. we cried and fought, but at the end of the day he realized that he still wanted to be with me because he loved me too much to lose me. It has been two weeks and our relationship is going better than ever, we are actually engaged. I am so lucky that I have someone who is understanding and willing to get past my disease. I don’t know what I would do without him. I hope everyone who is in the same boat as me could be so lucky. This website really made me feel better. Reading other peoples stories reassured me I’m not alone.

Comment from: bexter, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 03

I'm 22 and have had hsv2 for about a year now. The first outbreak was the worst and included strep throat, swollen throat glands, fever, aching and itching. It is really miserable and makes me feel ashamed about myself. I have been dealing with outbreaks quite frequently although I’ve read that generally they will be less over time. My doctor told me there wasn't that much I can do about it. I don't understand why they haven't made an effective vaccination for this as I also have friends with the virus that really struggle. I hope that someday I will be strong enough to be sexually active again and have a partner who accepts me but so far I haven't even bothered.

Comment from: KeeKee, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: March 23

Its almost been a week since I found out that have the HSV 2. When I found out I immediately told my boyfriend who was nervous yet supportive. He has yet to be tested and we have not had sex in a while. I believe that it will be weird when we do or if we do again. I will take things one day at a time. I used Blistex at the first outbreak. I didnt really have any other issues except the emotional stress of knowing this and how it will effect my life.

Comment from: Upset, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 22

I am 23 years old and have been living with genital herpes for about 2 years :( I caught it from my current boyfriend through oral sex. (he broke out with a cold sore a few days later) I feel I was in denial but am having another outbreak. My boyfriend is super supportive but I just feel gross. I have never been the type to sleep around so I think this makes it that much worse for me. The breakouts definitely aren't as bad as the first time but I'm still saddened and ashamed. I'm just happy to hear that there are so many others out there like me.

Comment from: martha, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 15

I have been with my husband for 10years never saw or felt anything different but about 6 months ago I was pregnant in my 3rd trimester when I started to get itchy and have a burning sensation. When I looked I had like a blister when I went to my gyne regular visit I asked and she diagnose it was herpes I have not been with none else but my husband. I asked him if he has been with someone else for the past 10 years but he says he has not so I really don't know how I got it.

Comment from: lizzieboxer, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: February 14

I am 59 years old and I haven't been in a physical relationship for more than 15 years. One year ago, in the middle of the night I had my first outburst. Of course I was clueless to what was actually going on uncontrollable shaking fever up to 103. To make a long story short, I still have outbreaks but they are a bit less powerful. I keep going on and on in my mind to figure out how, after all these years, the disease decided to rear its ugly head. I know who I got it from, he is now deceased, we dated briefly. The reason that I ended the physical portion of our relationship is because he informed me that he had the virus only after we were intimate for the first time. That was in 1991.

Comment from: yes, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: February 04

I found out yesterday that I have contracted Herpes from my boyfriend of only 3 months. He had told me he had been tested before we slept together. It was only yesterday I found out that he actually hadn't been tested for 3 years. I am devastated that he could give this to me and not even care. It is the most painful thing I have been through, going to the toilet is near impossible and I have to sleep all day to get through the pain. I have no energy, I can’t wait for this to be over.

Comment from: Ann, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: January 07

To my shock and great sadness, at age 63 I was diagnosed with HSV2. I had the same symptoms other women have reported, the flu-like body aches and fatigue, the burning twinges in the groin, and then those hideous gooey blisters. 14 valacyclovir tablets later, most of the pain is gone, but there are still nerve pulses in my mostly sleepless nights, when I am reminded of this plague that resides in my body. All these years of working out, eating right, and relatively cautious sexual behavior - and now this. I think I got it when I let a man give me oral sex a few weeks ago. What a fool I was, I didn't even have an O. But now I have this rotten virus, forever and so far I cannot feel any response in the clitoris, as if its nerves had died.

Comment from: luvtink91, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 04

I’m 19 about to be 20 in a couple months. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend 4 months before I turned 19. The month before my birthday I got really sick, I had a high fever and just thought it was the flu, then it started hurting to urinate and I got blisters, so I told my mum to take me to the hospital because I thought I had an STD. I found out I had herpes. When I told my boyfriend he cried. He didn’t know he had it or where he could have gotten it from. The bad thing is 2 days after my birthday I found out I was pregnant. I have since had my babies, twin boys and neither of them have it thank god. I’ve had it for almost a year now and only had 1 other outbreak. It was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I thought waiting until after school and being with this guy who I had wanted to date for 2 years was being smart. I was very stupid to have unprotected sex. Now I wonder if we break up if anyone will ever want to date me. Now I tell all my friends to ask their boyfriends to get tested before they sleep with them, and to be tested after each boyfriend. With the first outbreak it helps to pee in a cold bath so that urine doesn’t get on the blisters and burn. The hospital told me to dry off with a hair dryer so that you weren’t rubbing the sores, it helped a lot.

Comment from: [email protected], 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 16

I am 50 years old and have just found out that I have genital herpes. I can't believe that I have this!!! Especially since I haven't had sex in over 6 years. I didn't know what it was. It just started hurting and looked like I had blisters. I wasn't going to the doctor but when it got worse I decided to go. I'm so glad that I did. I have no idea where or whom I got this from since it has been so long. Just getting ready to start my round of medication.

Comment from: rabbit, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: November 12

Valacyclovir helps treat, suppress, or reduce the transmission of genital herpes in people with normal immune systems and ciprofloxacin treats bacterial infections. These 2 medicines together help flare ups or primary outbreaks you may have. It’s what I’m taking now and imp 18. I just recently found out I have herpes and this medicine really helps the pain, you'll still feel weak don't get me wrong but you won’t hurt as much on the down under if you know what I’m saying girls. Don’t let this effect your life. Yes it is heartbreaking when you have it but there is no way now to expunge it from your body, nor mine. My cousin had it and she was SO full of life and NEVER let it get in her way of doing whatever she wanted, and neither will I. it’s not going to beat me down and it shouldn't for you either. You’re a strong woman.

Comment from: Female Published: October 14

I just turned 23 three weeks ago and been with my boyfriend for two years and live together we are pretty much married, I'm going to the clinic in the morning to find out exactly what I have but I'm fearing the worst, I noticed the four little bumps two nights ago and talked with my bf about it and showed him, then again tonight. I haven't had any of the symptoms that have been talked out no itching, no flu like symptoms none of them except when the bumps are touched they hurt a little. I'm afraid, although my bf says he doesn’t mind or cares he loves me and won't leave me, his body language and talkativeness has lessened tonight. I have no clue who I may have gotten it from since I've only been with two people in the past 5 years, if I have it. It's a scary feeling but I guess it's not the end of the world.

Comment from: janedoe13, Published: September 24

About a week after I had sex w my partner, I noticed a burning and itching sensation near my vulva area. I finally took a mirror and looked to see what exactly was down there, and I noticed ulcer like sores. I have been with my boyfriend for the past 7months. Before him, I was with my son's father for years. I went to the urgent care doctor, and he gave me meds for herpes. I have to wait for the results. I have no idea who could have given me this. I am so afraid to tell my current boyfriend. I love him and I am unsure how he will react. I know I didn’t give it to myself but I don’t know how I contracted this disease if it’s even herpes.

Comment from: livingthelife, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 21

I am a 23 year old female with herpes. I got diagnosed 9 months ago. To all of the women out there who just found out and are scared; understand that there are many other people out there with this same problem. I recently got married and was so scared to tell my boyfriend (before we were married) about this problem, but surprisingly he understood. Herpes happens. It doesn't change who you are and no one is judging you. I take valtrex daily and haven't had a single outbreak since. Don't be scared to talk to your doctor, they are there to help you.

Comment from: lovelylady7, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 14

Hello, I don't have herpes but my boyfriend disclosed to me that he has had it for less than 1 year. I love him so much, but I'm scared and worried about contracting it. I'm also worried about discussing it with him, as I don't think he has coped well with his diagnosis. He's very sensitive about it. But I feel as though I have no one to talk to about my concerns, especially since I feel talking about it with him would upset him.

Comment from: ashley, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 23

Try not to touch the area, for example if you resist the temptation to itch than it helps to stop the outbreak and secondly once there is an outbreak soak the affected area in warm saline water, it helps!

Comment from: vermonter, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: August 20

I am 42 and have dated a man who has herpes below the waist and above the waist. I have tested positive for herpes but not the same type he has. I have had no outbreaks. I have had my type for 25 years. Doc says I tested positive because I had chicken pox as a kid. I am not contagious. I did get a few small red sores on my vagina; I shave, so they turned out to be infected hair follicles. So go to the doctor. I am no longer with the man. I can only hope I don't ever get it, but if I do , it’s not the end of the world. Remember that.

Comment from: TY1956, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 14

I've had a sore on my vulva that appears every other year for the past 15 years. It is particularly bad right now. It is difficult to sit and the pain is going down my leg. I'm too embarrassed to see my doc. I do end up with in grown hairs which can be bothersome but not like this. It does not look like a blister just a small bump. It is not broken and doesn’t look like a blister.

Comment from: 181949, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 09

I was diagnosed with HSV1 but contacted it through oral sex. I have had many breakouts which the doctors say should not happen. I read on this site where a woman has the same symptoms as I with fatigue, left thigh pain and small red "dots" on my vagina. These appear and even though no sex has been involved. I am scared to even enter into a relationship again. My doctors are stumped and have suggested a spinal tap. This seems a bit extreme.

Comment from: lilmama213, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 28

I was diagnosed with genital herpes about 6 years ago. I am not really sure how I contracted it but I suspect it came from my then boyfriend. It seems that I have an outbreak every time I have intercourse. I am starting to think that I am not having outbreaks but that I may be having a reaction to the latex. After all these years I still don't know how to tell when I am having an outbreak and it bothers me a lot and hinders me from having intercourse for the increased fear of spreading the disease.

Comment from: na, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 16

I just found out 1 day ago that I have herpes. I am 40 years old, been divorced for 5 years and found the love of my life, gave me this. After much research, I feel confident that although this is not curable, it is not the end all. The initial outbreak has been very hard. I got very ill thought I had an UTI that didn't go away for a week. I didn't have but a small pimple on my butt, however it is herpes. My doctor gave me an ointment to help with the pain as well as oral meds. I have started to feel a little better today.

Published: June 04

A few months ago my boyfriend had a fever blister on his lip. He had gave me oral sex with it still there. About twelve days after that I had crazy bumps on my vagina, his fever blister/ cold sore or whatever had went away. I had no idea what these bumps were or what was making it hurt so bad. (I couldn't wear panties or blue jeans). He took me to an Outpatient Clinic only to find out that it was genital herpes. It is crazy that it happens like that, if I would have known that it could spread like that we wouldn't have had sex at all. Now we both have it. We got the medication Zovirax and it is very good. Haven't had an outbreak since my first one which was in December.

Comment from: Favored, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 01

I've had herpes for about 5 years now. My husband passed it along to me. We have a very healthy son and we are separated soon to be divorced. I only have an outbreak once or twice a year and that's only when I'm stressed. I have my valtrex on hand in case that happens. I find that a healthy diet and exercise regimen keeps outbreaks to a minimum.

Comment from: 32714LP, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: June 01

Acyclovir tends to make me very ill so it is difficult to take for me. I tend to get a feverish and achy feeling as well as a lethargic feeling when a breakout is near. I also get a feverish painful feeling mid way down the side of my left thigh, which results in a small cluster of itchy and extremely painful blisters. My doctor found this to be very odd and wants me to visit as soon as it happens again so she can document this and study it. She has never heard of such a symptom.

Comment from: SeekTreatment, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: June 01

Herpes, like most diseases should not be left untreated. Left untreated it only gets worse. Imagine waiting for one lesion to heal and as soon as it does another one appears. Like so many others in the world I have this virus. It sucks. Each outbreak reminds me of the horrible events that surround how I may have contracted it. The worse part was when I confronted my abuser and he said I probably got it at birth from my mother. Herpes is a very uncomfortable virus, if a person has it they know it. The only thing that will reduce the number of new infections is for people to go get tested before sex, ask specifically for each STD and don't be afraid to hear the results. There were some I had never even heard of before.

Comment from: little slug, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: May 25

I am almost 50 years old, and have had genital herpes since I was 19 from an old boyfriend. It now has spread to my lower back and travels along that area. Also I know when I am getting ready to have an outbreak; my right leg has tingling feelings and feels as if it is drawing up. I take no prescription meds, but do take certain vitamins, C, L-lysine and Zinc.

Comment from: Pretty1, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I was diagnosed with herpes 6 months ago. I am very upset about this. I had experienced 2 outbreaks. The main symptom that bothers me is fatigue. When I am having an outbreak I feel sick all over and am so sleepy. I would not wish this on anyone.

Comment from: cisean68, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: May 24

I am 24 years old and I have had genital herpes for 2 years now. I have two beautiful healthy children. All though having gh is not the end of the world I still have had a really hard time with my dating life. As soon as I meet a guy I am into and we get ready to move to the next step I have to say something about my condition and it always CHANGES THINGS!!!!!! I wish there was a cure but there’s not. I believe in the near future there will be.

Comment from: Misery, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: May 13

I have herpes and have known for five years. I will be honest, I do not take medication, although I’m still with the person who gave it to me. I've been experiencing strong, fishy vaginal odor for years. Doctors give me flagyl, I take it faithfully, it works while I’m on medication but shortly after I have completed my dosage the problem comes back and is stronger.

Comment from: Lizzy420, 13-18 Female (Patient) Published: March 01

Well I’m 17 and I went to the doctors to find that I have genital herpes. It was a life changing experience but the doctor gave me pills that work to prevent anymore breakouts. I just have to take 3 pills a day of Acyclovir 400MG Tablets and it works.

Comment from: Renee of Melbourne, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: February 18

Tea tree oil has always helped me during the outbreak. You can try body shop's tea tree oil if you wish. I applied the oil every time I went to toilet, it really helped reducing the pain and the outbreak time.

Comment from: bummed27, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: December 02

I have type 1 and 2 herpes. It really sucks feeling like I'm nothing, but a walking talking virus. I take meds when I have an outbreak, but I sure do wish they could find a cure. I hate feeling like this.

Comment from: S.C., 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 17

I was treated for HSV1 about two years ago, since then, I have pain on my left hip side, breaks outs on my face, and it seems now I am slimming down terribly. I am not sure what is going on, but I plan to see my doctor this week. I'll touch base next week with my results.

Comment from: me, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: March 04

I have researched what makes you break out. And Lyzine balances out the acid that makes you break out. So I recently started taking Lyzine pills. one a day. So we will see how it works. Can't hurt to try!

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