Flu in Children (Childhood Influenza)


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Comment from: MomofGrace, 3-6 Female (Caregiver) Published: March 03

My 5 year old has been suffering from the flu for 6 days. She has had a fever that fluctuates from 100-103 degrees, and it's worse in the evenings. We have taken her to the doctor. The flu is assumed but no formal flu test was conducted. No signs of infection were identified (including by chest x-ray and CBC). She has a stuffy nose and a croup-like semi-productive cough (phlegm comes up about a third of the time). Her throat hurts. She's grumpy and has completely lost her appetite. We have been able to get her to eat a nutrition shake and a few bites of food each day, but that's it. She has been sleeping a lot throughout the day.

Comment from: ralgj, (Caregiver) Published: September 04

My 5 year-old and 23 month-old both had influenza A at the same time. While both were quite ill. My youngest was severely affected. We are seven days in and he is better, but not great. He has a 101-103 degree temperature the majority of the time. I wish the flu on no one. Keep on top of the fever with Tylenol or Motrin and push, push, push fluids. Don't hesitate to take your child to the doctor. Good luck.

Comment from: JG, (Caregiver) Published: September 04

My son will be 5 in March. He was diagnosed with strain A of the flu back in January, and now has strain B of the flu a month later. He was on Tamiflu then and we are trying it again. He started with a dry cough that lead to nasal


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