Female Sexual Problems


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Comment from: No Medical Treatment, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: December 20

I had endometriosis; a nightmare of pain. I had presacral nerves cut to deal with the pain. No one told me it would detrimentally affect my sexual desire. I had breast cancer twice and went into menopause. I also had to take antiestrogen therapy for 6 years. I have spoken to the general physician, psychiatrist, oncologist, endocrinologist (I take thyroid medication) - none of them even wants to talk about female sexual dysfunction. No wonder there's no treatment for women when medical professionals won't address it.

Comment from: H7N, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: June 19

My husband causes my sexual dysfunction. No Joke! Whenever he talks about sex I shut down. I feel forced mentally. Everything he does as a husband financially I have to pay him back with sex. If our daughter who is an adult wants to borrow money, I have to pay him back with sex, if his niece wants to go have dinner with us, it's my job to pay him back. If I want to ride in his car (because I am not supposed to drive for medical reasons), I have to pay him back or wear heels, a dress and thigh highs. Oh yeah, another thing is his fetish with heel and thigh high nylons. I have neuropathy in both feet and now I have a blister on my left foot with a hole in it because he forced me to wear heels just to get a ride to get my medication that is a half an hour by car to the pharmacist. We have been married 23 years. Yes, we both have cheated on each other. He actually left me and moved 3000 miles to go back to his home and when my parents and grandparents got involved they told him that he promised to take care of me as his wife and not the other woman he was with. I moved to him from my home state. For 20 years I have been faithful to just him. He on the other hand has not been faithful these last 20 years. He likes to downgrade me and talks sex in front of people in public or in front of the little 5 year old I babysit. He is inappropriate at all times. I think he does it to annoy or try to embarrass me to submit to his requests and demands. All that does is shut me down because he makes me feel like I am his personal free sex worker.

Comment from: harleyjean, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: March 04

Wow, I don’t know where to begin. I had a hysterectomy, and 1 ovary taken out about 20 years ago and was never put on any medications. About 6 month ago I started night sweats and moodiness and no mood for sex. My doctor put me on venlafaxine about 2 months ago. Everything seems to be okay except for the not wanting to be intimate.


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