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Cuts or Lacerations


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Comment from: Jaxton, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: June 22

I was in a motorcycle accident where I was hit by a car and thrown 10 ft. up into pavement. Ten feet doesn't sound that far but it's pretty far to throw a 200 lb. man. One of my injuries was leg laceration that was stapled. The doctor did not submit wound care orders and went on vacation and never once looked at the wound over the next 4 days I was at the hospital. I was discharged and had to go back 3 days afterwards because I had a massive MRSA infection in the stapled area. I hadn't been prescribed antibiotics or given any aftercare instructions. I didn't even know my leg had been stapled. When I went back the emergency room the splint on my leg which was broken in the accident, was removed along with the Ace bandages. I saw the staples for the first time but it was really red and swollen going up and down my leg. The infection was bad. When the infectious diseases doctor finally saw it she was horrified at my condition and had me in surgery immediately the next morning. But they asked the same doctor who worked on me the first night and disappeared immediately after doing a drive-by surgery. He was doing a surgery for the laceration which was seriously infected, to get some of the infection out and put a drain in, and also do the same thing on an area on my hip. But I came out without 1/3 of my foot. It had been injured in the accident and infection got to it and it was all necrotic and needed to be removed. Unfortunately the drive-by surgeon exposed the bone in my foot and the MRSA bacteria infected it leaving me with osteomyelitis (bone infection) which became chronic osteomyelitis for which there's no cure and is a devastating illness. I get fevers that go nearly 106 and a whole lot of other things that aren't very pleasant. It's crazy. The message here is take care of the wounds. Keep them clean and change the bandages because even something small can turn into something very nasty. Mine wasn't small but even if it had been it probably would have gotten badly infected because of the lack of wound care.


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