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Please describe your experience with Chlamydia

Comment from: L.A., 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: September 23

I still don't know how I got chlamydia. Anyway, the idea is that I have a little microscope which multiplies image by 1000 times and I played with it and discovered bacteria from secretion. I got alarmed and went to the doctor to identify it. He scanned almost every possible transmitted disease and found chlamydia active in the body, but now is almost gone. At that time the bacteria were large and then only the smaller remained until nothing was left of it. The treatment was Azitrox for me and my partner. Our stomachs hurt that day, but in the morning it was fine. I tried to help my body by drinking one cup of milk, goat or cow, before bed, lots of walnuts and fruits, orange juice/ grapes/ strawberries/cream with milk and sweetness. I'm still scanning it, but it looks like it's really gone. Good luck with it!

Comment from: mom of 6, 25-34 Female Published: April 18

I had just had a baby after a very troubled pregnancy. At my six week checkup my doctor informed me of the disease. He gave me antibiotics which he said both my husband and i had to take for 10 days. I could not breast feed my premature baby. I questioned the doctor about the disease and he told me to be calm, and that they call it the “married folks disease,” and that i should not be concerned. I have often wondered however. My husband was less than an ideal partner at the time, although i never had any evidence of unfaithfulness. That was 34 years ago.

Comment from: Bly, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: August 11

I was 42 years old, involved in a 15 year marriage, which was a monogamous relationship. When I developed a soreness in the glands near my testicles and burning during urination, my doctor diagnosed Chlamydia and antibiotics were prescribed. This cleared up the problem quickly. When I expressed concern that my wife must have contracted the disease in an extra marital affair (despite never giving me any reason to be suspicious), my doctor said that this disease can be carried in a dormant state for many years. An unusually long period of stress can cause the symptoms to manifest, which described my case perfectly. Twenty years later I am still married to the same woman, and have never encountered any hint of an affair.


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