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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


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Comment from: Lisa Mae, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 22

I was exposed to a propane tank fork lift on a regular basis with my job for 10 years. I would get terrible headaches and would go home and go to bed until the headache subsided. When I got pregnant I quit my job and returned about a year later. I passed out one day from the carbon monoxide poisoning and went home. My headaches were so painful I could barely see to drive home.

Comment from: EllenE, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: October 14

I was 6 hours in a car during the winter that the exhaust was leaking and experienced CO poisoning. I had a severe headache, nausea and vomiting, severe fatigue, dizziness and visual disturbances. It took approximately 24 hours to dissipate without any treatment.

Comment from: relieved, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: February 27

My exhaust in my car was leaking and I had no idea, with the temperature dropping my windows were up. I will tell you I felt a tightening in the side of my throat/neck (happening on 2 different occasions) that I have never felt in my life. Idling in traffic could have taken my life for all I know. Luckily, I opened window periodically. I'm thankful the exhaust fell apart and over $400 poorer, I am thankful.

Comment from: uo, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: January 30

I drive a semi and after the mechanic changed a filter, he did not tighten the exhaust correctly. We had this truck like this for a week before the error was discovered. Luckily we were not in a colder climate and did not sleep with the engine at idle or we may have died. Now I just had headaches and an upset stomach and I'm rather irritable.

Comment from: md, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: December 13

I had severe headache, lethargic, chest pain, and vomiting.

Comment from: iamjanine, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: July 08

I got carbon monoxide poisoning at work. I worked in an office located very close to the street, which was a rural highway, diesel trucks backed up at the red light on the corner in front of my office all day long. I knew something was wrong, as I felt fine at home, and would be sick with flu like symptoms at work. It progressed to one day being in the office for one hour and projectile vomiting so violently I could not make it to the bathroom. I went home sick (started feeling better as soon as I got home) I stayed home for 2 days, felt great, attempted to go back to work, was in the office for 1/2 hour and started projectile vomiting again. I quit the job on the spot. It took me several weeks to feel fully recovered after the second time I became violently ill.

Comment from: Scared, 55-64 Female Published: February 28

We have a gas generator under our deck when we have power outages. We just had an extended outage and ran it periodically but more than we've ever used it before. My husband and animals were outside quite frequently and I wasn't which is why we assume I'm the only one with symptoms. One minute I felt fine and the next minute I had severe nausea. I tried to stand and couldn't. I passed out and my husband said I had convulsions. When he got me to come to, I went outside, laid down on our front porch, in the snow and cold, and violently threw up. At the same time my bladder let go and I urinated all over myself at the same time. It took several hours to clear the house out and I've slept for 2 days straight. I'm up today but still don't feel too well. I'm not sure if I've got long term effects or not. A carbon monoxide detector will be installed and the generator will be moved to a more open space.


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