Bronchitis (Chronic)


If known, what caused your chronic bronchitis? Submit Your Comment

Comment from: Kenn, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: July 23

Post nasal drip causes my chronic bronchitis - every time.

Comment from: Elizabeth, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: April 24

After reading several posts, I decided to share my story of my chronic bronchitis since what I've been through for over a year has been a nightmare. It all began with a fractured root canal which was covered by a crown. I was unaware of the infected tooth since the nerve wasn't there; I only noticed that my gum was very swollen and saw my now ex-dentist. This woman did not notice on my x-rays any fractured root canal! After gum treatments I was still having problems and that's when I began to produce tons of mucus, severe post nasal drip, chest congestion with wheezing, and thought that the constant nose blowing, coughing up, coughing fits in public and a nasal and chest inflammation were going to drive me crazy. I saw my now ex-doctor who saw that I had severe congestion but advised me that it was probably my allergies, as if this miserable condition normal for me which it was not. The doctor did nothing and sent me home to take OTC medicines. A month later I was back in her office after fainting in front of my house from exhaustion and she discovered that I had pneumonia. Meanwhile the infected tooth was festering in my gum. I was given Levaquin and was still coughing and choking. When I felt a little better I returned to the dentist who allowed me to walk around for seven months with an infected tooth that infected my respiratory system having infected my sinuses to drip mucus into my lungs causing pneumonia! She finally realized the tooth had a fractured root which was infected and extracted it. I still was coughing with a tickling throat and constant nose blowing, an over production of mucus and returned to the useless doctor who advised me 'you're wheezing', did nothing, advised me she was leaving for another job and then she left her office never to be seen again. I finally found a competent doctor who prescribed fluticasone propionate nasal spray, cetirizine tablets, levofloxacin and an albuterol inhaler and am scheduled for a 'breathing test' as well as being referred to an Ent. Tickling throat means you have post nasal drip from an untreated sinus infection or perhaps a dental infection could be the cause (aside from an incompetent dentist and doctor). All this took a year and a half! I hope this tale of woe can help people get the appropriate treatment and it explained some of the things that can go wrong. I'm finally beginning to recover but I'm still exhausted. Good luck!

Comment from: zahirul h., 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: September 29

I smoked cigarettes for 30 years and lived in a city with high air pollution for 63 years, which caused my chronic bronchitis.


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