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Comment from: Rico , 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: August 25

I had my jaw broken, about a year ago, when a coward sly-punched me. I was laid in bed for 2 days and eventually went to the hospital to find out it was badly broken in 2 places. My back teeth on the left side were locked together and all my bottom teeth were knocked out near enough in the end. I had to have 3 plates put in, a tooth taken out and all my bottom teeth glued together. I couldn't eat for over two months. It’s fine now, luckily. Nothing is worse than weak people who sly-punch people.

Comment from: BlessedAquarius, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 07

I was assaulted almost 2 years ago. I woke up on the ground in my blood. I thought I had lost my teeth. I was rushed to the hospital to find out my left and right mandibles fractured. My bottom teeth were split down the middle, I had to have a plate put in my chin. Surgery was done for my broken jaw and I was wired shut from June until October. I lost 35 pounds. I was highly medicated and fell into a deep depression. Almost 2 years later, I have pain in my jaw and teeth daily. But, only you can make you smile again.

Comment from: vrobert, 45-54 Male (Patient) Published: November 21

Do your research on the dentist before you go to them. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed, and now my mouth, lip, and gum are permanently numb. The dentist was rushed to get to a golf game and was on the phone while performing surgery. It felt like he was rushed and brutal during the surgery, and he was very unprofessional. If your tooth is close to a nerve that can do permanent nerve damage, try to avoid the surgery if your tooth is not bothering, or get a skilled dentist.

Comment from: M. , 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 02

I was assaulted, my Jaw was broken on my left and right side. My jaw bone actually broke and cracked through my left wisdom tooth. Both my wisdom teeth were pulled during surgery. I now have metal plates with screws. Eight months late I'm experiencing tooth pain, restlessness, swelling and numbness in my mouth, even my gums. My jaw feels heavy all the time.

Comment from: rel, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 27

I went to the dentist and had 2 back teeth extracted. I felt the dentist was extremely rough with me. This occurred in mid-January 2017. Pain and swelling were present but dental information given out advised this as normal. Pieces of bone worked their way out of my gum, two or three small pieces a week, until a large piece the size of a diabetic test strip required the dentist to remove it. Discomfort, swelling, etc., went away. First part of March I noticed left side of face and lower left lip numb. Concerned about stroke or heart problems I went to the emergency room, admitted due to elevation of some chemicals in blood indicating heart problems. The first night in hospital the left side of my face swelled up, and I was given IV clindamycin. CT was done of upper skull (don’t know why not jaw also), no heart problems as per test. 0ral antibiotics were given and I was told to see the dentist. The dentist said I needed more teeth removed, but he wouldn't do it. I went to a maxillary surgeon, he removed teeth, gave more clindamycin, and swelling decreased. Two days after antibiotics were gone swelling and numbness were back. The maxillary surgeon gave more clindamycin with the same result. I could not get appointment with maxillary surgeon until all of my 800 dollar bill was paid. I went to the family doctor, more clindamycin, and same result, temporary reduction in swelling. I went to see another maxillary surgeon and when he found out I had been seen 3 weeks earlier by the original maxillary surgeon he would not even look inside my mouth. In the meantime I developed an open wound with excretion (pus) on left jaw. I got into see original maxillary surgeon and had my 4th set of x-rays (USD 150) and he said he x-ray showed bone deterioration and that I should go to the hospital for help. I went and they immediately scheduled CT with contrast, and found my broken jaw, along with bone infection. I had surgery, dead bone removal, plate on jaw, wires, and spent a week in hospital. Now I only have 7 days left of daily IV at home (31) days. I believe my jaw was broken by the dentist 5 months earlier. Moral of story, take great care of your teeth and choose your dentist wisely, make sure their name is on a shingle on the outside of the office.

Comment from: Yusuf, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: April 27

My jaw got broken due to an accident I had. I want to know if it'll heal without operation and how long will it take

Comment from: jb, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: January 14

When I came to from a crashed a vehicle, I was in the woods with no one around. I pulled the sunroof down and I saw my jaw hanging. I had broken jaw and back. It took me 2.30 hours to get to the road. A woman pulled over, and I was able to speak to her. I heard little of her with 911, but she said ‘her jaw is broken.’ It was hanging. But fight or flight I guess it allowed me to be able to speak.

Comment from: KC, Female (Patient) Published: May 03

This is by far the most helpful guide in the process of healing my broken jaw. I had an upper molar removed in my dental office, I was alert through the process and felt the bone snapping. I was sent home without antibiotic therapy, but was told the bone broke. Nine weeks later I am still on antibiotics and steroids. I sought help from an oral surgeon who also put me on a regimen of antibiotics with Sudafed, because of a punctured sinus as well. Symptoms of infection and broken jaw included but weren't limited to shooting pain in face and behind eye, terrible jaw pain alongside my face and neck, vomiting and feeling very ill, a bloody nose a few days after extraction (I thought it was due to dry air), and terrible pain in the roof of my mouth on the buckle of the tooth in front of the one extracted. Get help, make your providers listen. I was actually told during this ordeal by my dentist’s receptionist that I couldn't get in to be seen because my dentist had a golf game. I'm notifying my dentist of her incredible inability to recognize a potential emergency. Your article will help on my recovery. Thank You.


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Comment from: Monafaye, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: November 18

My broken jaw was the result of being in an abusive relationship. Immediately after being struck my bottom teeth were pushed upward, and bleeding.

Comment from: BustedJawsPackNoChaw, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: May 11

I am sitting here at 11:45 pm going into day 8 after surgery for a jaw broken in two spots on my left side, and getting all four wisdom teeth removed at once.

Comment from: rod6331, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: February 27

I got in a fight and got hit in jaw. I am unable to open mouth wide, I think I have a broken jaw.

Comment from: Jackie, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: October 27

My jaw bone was weakened because of the necessity of digging out an impacted wisdom tooth. The jaw was weakened and I bit on something hard, the force of which the jaw could not handle and I fractured it.

Comment from: Bern, 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 15

My jaw is painful when I chew and makes a sound and I also feel pain in my left ear and my head. It makes sound when I am chewing food and usually when I open my mouth.


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