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Alzheimer's Disease in Individuals With Down Syndrome


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Comment from: TerriSue, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: June 26

My brother with Down syndrome is 54 and we have been noticing him forgetting more now and showing symptoms of Alzheimer's. I ask him to hand me the book on the table and he gives me something totally different. We are having a hard time getting him to wear clean clothes and have to force him to take a shower. He spends a great deal of time alone and isn’t as interested in activities any more. Thank you for your comments. It helps reading others observations!

Comment from: lisa, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: May 31

I'm taking care of my 45 year old brother who has Down syndrome and early onset Alzheimer’s disease. When he was younger he could get around town, held a job, went shopping, had friendships, etc. In 2016, we noticed he was more forgetful and would become very upset if things did not go according to his plan but we never thought it was anything. He had also begun falling now and then, but we attributed that to his very poor eyesight. However, in 2017, the changes were becoming more pronounced. He forgot things more, would forget when speaking what he was saying, misplace things, and at times would forget how to do something he had previously been able to do. That's when we found a study for Down syndrome and Alzheimer's in California. We took him in August 2017 and even then they were not sure he had Alzheimer’s. But in September 2017 he had his first seizure and the decline began quite rapidly. Currently, he is unable to use the toilet, bathe, or consistently dress himself. When he is able to dress himself his clothes are on backwards or mismatched i.e., flannel long sleeve shirt with shorts and different socks. He is unable to get his own food or cut food that is presented to him. He often laughs for long periods of time for no reason, repeats himself over and over, and his speech has become limited. I didn't realize what an emotional toll it would take on me to watch him decline or the physical toll it would take on both of us. I wish there were more information, support, and stories out there for those of us caring for our loved ones with Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s since it does not look exactly like Alzheimer’s with the non-downs. Been thinking about putting my own blog together both as therapeutic for me and as resource for others in similar situations.

Comment from: Donna, 55-64 Male (Caregiver) Published: March 24

I am trying to find out what can be done to help postpone the effects of Alzheimer's for my brother. He is having trouble with toileting, dressing, and general confusion. It is breaking my heart and I was hoping for something to buy a little time. I'm not ready to lose him.


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