Acute Kidney Failure


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Comment from: Jen, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: June 04

Thank you to everyone that left their story! I started sleeping a lot and I had chills. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), so I often have the runs, they were worse than usual. I also was drinking a lot of water. Within a week, I started slipping into an 'altered state', which is a nice way of saying I was crazy! I had no awareness of this and I worked in a mental hospital. Luckily my sister found me and took me to the hospital. I was in for 4 days and they stated I had acute renal failure either from pneumonia or a UTI (urinary tract infection), both of which can cause memory loss and altered states. When I got out, my kidneys never quite bounced back and last month the doctor said I had 3rd stage kidney disease. I am waiting for results of my kidney ultrasound.

Comment from: Billou, 65-74 Male (Patient) Published: November 26

I was low on energy for about two weeks. One evening I fell between the bed and wall, and could not get up. I slid out on my back and began looking for a phone. During the process of sliding on my back all over the mobile home, I had diarrhea. This continued for about 10 hours. I finally found a phone and called 911. Emergency care diagnosed me with renal failure and I was admitted to the hospital for six days. Since that incident I have not had a solid bowel movement. Everything else works normally.

Comment from: jmayfield1973, 35-44 (Patient) Published: May 08

I am 39 years old. I never had health problems before. Last yr I had a potassium deficiency which we believed we fixed but i continued to feel bad. I can’t keep food in. I can’t get enough to drink and I don’t urinate often enough. I have also been having violent diarrhea. My legs and feet started swelling and turning colors and causing severe pain. I went to the doctor three times before being diagnosed. The problem is they had me on antibiotics for the last few months which may have caused my kidney failure.

Comment from: scared wife, 45-54 Male (Caregiver) Published: April 16

We knew my husband had a large kidney stone. His urine was very bloody for months. Our doctors ran all the tests for needed surgery. He was on medications for an infection. He was working this entire time, 12 hour shifts. He then began feeling bad. He would be vomiting one day with loose bowels another. He then stayed in bed. There was not anything I could really pin point until the coffee colored urine appeared. He is out of the hospital and recovering.

Comment from: IamPati, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 31

I had never had any type of renal disease and had been receiving treatment for leukemia. I began having heart attacks, increased nausea, and low blood pressure. The one indicator the doctors later told me would have been a large indicator was my urine had small bubbles in it. I would have never have thought this was a warning sign of acute renal failure.

Comment from: Concerned, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: April 01

I was diagnosed with acute renal failure - I developed blisters all over my body with INTENSE itching. Upon having many tests they found I have cryoglobulinemia and will now have to have a kidney biopsy which terrifies me.


The only purpose of the kidneys is to filter blood. See Answer

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